The Province of Lanao del Norte is envisioned to evolve as…

“A globally competitive agri-industrial community of God -Loving, ecology-conscious, culturally diverse people working together in peace and harmony to achieve equity and prosperity”


“… is to build a just, humane and prosperous community of self reliant and empowered people. To achieve this state of well being for the province, we will ensure that the people are given equitable access to resources, basic social services and economic opportunities.”

“We will advocate ecological consciousness among our people, aware that we can achieve long-term prosperity only under a framework of sustainable development”.

“We will pursue agri-based industrialization and stimulate investments that utilize local resources, believing that such development thrusts shall generate gainful employment for our people, We will develop the sills of our people through continuous training and relevant education to prepare them for global competition”.

“We recognize our new role as providers of services and as a resource center for local government units at the municipal and barangay levels. This new role mandates us to build the capabilities of the LGUs and people’s organizations who will be pour active partners in development. This partnership will allow us to develop a dynamic system of self governance and entrepreneurship at the grassroots level, aware that this way of life creates and sustains genuine political and economic freedom”.

“We will promote close cooperation among national line agencies, local government units, non-governmental organizations in the design and implementation of development programs, recognizing that collaboration and teamwork yield far greater benefits at much lesser cost”.

“Finally, our aim is to render selfless public service and an improved system of local governance that would lead towards attainment of a better quality of life for all”.