Governor, Lanao del Norte

Delivered on July 4, 2017 during the Culmination Program of the

58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte at the Mindanao Civic Center Gymnasium


             I sincerely convey my warmest greetings and welcome to the Provincial and National Officials, employees, guest, the good people of Lanao del Norte and visitors who are with us on the occasion of the 58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte the Founding Anniversary of the province.

            But before anything else, let us retrace and seriously promenade on the pioneering efforts and spirit of the two distinguished leaders and public servants of this province who dedicated their time and services in the transformation of the Province of Lanao del Norte from an unpretentious community into a vibrant and self-reliant province. The exemplary performance and dedication of these two leaders is worthy of emulation. They deserved to be recognized, emulated and acknowledged as they were pioneering leaders of the Province of Lanao del Norte when the lone province of Lanao was divided into two, giving birth to the Province of Lanao del Norte pursuant to Republic Act No. 2228 which was inaugurated in July 4, 1959. It may be remembered that the 1st Provincial Governor was Governor Salvador T. Lluch whose term ended on December 31, 1959. The second governor of the Province of Lanao del Norte was the late Muhammad Ali Dimaporo, who served from 1960 to September 1965 when he ran and won as Congressman of the lone congressional seat of Lanao del Norte. By operation of the Law on Succession, my father, the late Governor Arsenio A. Quibranza in his capacity as Vice Governor succeeded as Provincial Governor up to 1986.

            It can be said that the story of the Province of Lanao del Norte is an episode of trials and tribulation of courage and determination of the two distinguished and development oriented leaders whose love of people and province was deeply rooted in their person as a visionary and leaders. Maybe it is by fate or providential that the two leaders I mentioned were my father-in-law and my father. However, it is not my purpose or intention to go into the details of the story. Suffice it to say that the story of the of the Province of Lanao del Norte and the past Provincial Governors cannot be treated separately as they were forged and due to their remarkable achievement and exemplary performance cannot be divorced or taken for granted. It is about time that these two leaders be recognized and acknowledge because it was their time that the Province of Lanao del Norte was borne and to those who knew them they were visionaries of development of the Province which we are now enjoying.

            Our birthdays are important celebrations to most of us, and;  we equate that importance to the celebration of the birth of our beloved province of  Lanao del Norte.  Despite the predicament we are facing now, we just cannot simply forego our tradition of a week-long celebration of the Araw ng Lanao del Norte.  As determined and strong willed as we are, we managed to push through with our planned activities because of a strong partnership and a high level of trust and confidence among us here in Lanao del Norte.

            At the outset, I would like to thank the Municipal Mayors and the rest of the municipal officials, the Barangay  Chairmen, the National Line Agencies, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, the  two Congressmen, Cong Abdullah Dimaporo of the 2nd District, Cong. Mohamad Khalid Dimaporo of the 1st District, the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan headed by Vice Governor Cristy Atay, our general constituents-the farmers, women’s  groups, the youth and business sector; the participants and judges of the various competitions, especially the school.

            With your unconditional support, we made history by making our 58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte, a simple celebration, yet a successful and memorable one.

            The annual celebration of the Araw ng Lanao del Norte is a bonding event for us. It is also an opportune time to celebrate our successes in the past year to get a glimpse of what’s ahead of us in the coming year.

            At this juncture, allow me to give a synopsis of what has been accomplished so far as your Provincial Governor for a year.  Some of these accomplishments and milestones are the outcomes of what then Governor Khalid had started.

            In terms of agricultural development, Lanao del Norte is the first province to have an approved sub-project under the enterprise development component of the Philippine Rural Development Project with a total project cost of PhP 24.48 million. The funds for Integrated Coco-based Enterprise Project have been downloaded to the Provincial Government for the expansion of coco coir fiber and geonet production of Malingao Community Services Multipurpose Cooperative (MCOCO) as the proponent group.

            Lanao del Norte is one the seven provinces which got the National Rice Achievers’ Award.  This award is given to provinces which have increased its total rice production, average yield per hectare and rice self-sufficiency level compared to the previous year.  We received the Award at PICC on May 23, 2017, a date which made history as the siege of Marawi  City.

            Our rice and corn farmers are recipients of farm machineries and equipment through counterparting with the Department of Agriculture. The most recent of which is the PhP 29 million worth of mobile rice and corn mills, funded under the PAMANA Program.

            In terms of infrastructure, the province has substantially improved its road network through various funding support. Aside from the 20% Development Fund, Provincial Roads Management Facility (PRMF) and PAMANA, a substantial amount for provincial roads development is sourced from the  the Conditional Matching Grant for Provinces (CMGP) Program which is formerly  named KALSADA Program.  In 2016, the province implemented a total amount of PhP113 million, including PGLDN counterpart, for provincial roads projects. In 2017, we have an approved allocation of PhP219.69 million for the concreting of Baroy-Salong and Kolambugan-Tangkal provincial roads.

            Another major infrastructure project we are looking forward is the Panguil Bay Bridge. Thanks be to God when I had a consultation meeting with the land owners and explain the advantage on the future development of our province. They did not hesitate right on that moment. They sign the waiver allowing DPWH to start the construction of the access road which is a prerequisite to the issuance of Notice to Proceed in the construction of the bridge.

            We have sustained our counterparting scheme with the National Community Demand Driven Program (NCDDP). The municipalities of Tubod, Magsaysay, Kapatagan, Kauswagan and Kolambugan already received their respective counterparts.  The processing of the counterpart for Matungao is already in progress. Apart from the nationally implemented poverty reduction program, the province also initiated pro-poor programs which for marginal families who were excluded in the 4Ps Program. Community health services along with other services of PGLDN are brought to the barangay level through the Especial Mass Based Program. EMBP is already conducted in seven (7) municipalities and intend to cover all municipalities until the end of my three year term.

            The province has institutionalized its disaster risk reduction and management mechanism which is evidenced by consistently garnering the Regional Gawad Kalasag Award.  Further, Lanao del Norte is one of only two provinces in the region which passed the 2016 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG). This means that Lanao del Norte passed the three core assessment areas: Good Financial Housekeeping, Social Protection and Disaster Preparedness. This year’s SGLG is more stringent with an additional assessment criteria on peace and order.  But I am confident that we will pass the 2017 SGLG.

            I strongly believe that human resource is the most important resource in the organization. Thus, I am fully supporting capacity development activities, as well as, strengthening of HR systems. The province is already Level 2 of PRIME-HRM or Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management.  This means that PGLDN is implementing the following core HR systems satisfactorily: Recruitment, Selection and Placement (RSP), Performance Management, Learning and Development, and Rewards and Recognition.  When accredited by the Civil Service Commission as Level 2, the province will be granted authority to take final action on appointments.  To improve the leadership and managerial capacities of PGLDN’s department heads and division chiefs, they are enjoined to attend Supervisory Development Course of CSC.   We have completed two of the seven module course.

            Capacity development were also conducted and participated in the areas of procurement, internal control and internal audit, public health, and information communication technology and many others. We have utilized the power of ICT to level up our collection system through the Enhanced Tax Revenue Assessment and Collection System (ETRACS). For collection efficiency and transparency purposes, this is not only beneficial for real property tax collection but for collection from the province’s economic enterprises as well.

            To support the PRRD’s war on drugs, we have conducted a workshop to harmonize our efforts against illegal drugs through the Provincial Anti Drug Abuse Plan. Financial support were provided to PNP’s Operation “Tokhang”’ Likewise, we supported the launching of the MASA MASID Program in Lanao del Norte.  We look forward that beyond the launching DILG will mobilize all stakeholders to carry out the intents of MASA MASID.

            These are the highlights of our accomplishments in a year’s time. PGLDN’s accomplishments are detailed in a Calendar Year Annual Accomplishment Report which is linked to the Office Performance Review and Commitment of the various departments and offices.

            We plan to undertake more reforms to hasten implementation of programs and projects and be able to continuously improve service delivery which we hope to redound to a better quality of life to all of our constituents.

            To my family, the Department /Division Heads and employees especially those who are in the working committee. THANK YOU for being a good children and your understanding. I           you

            I trust that we are all together in the development endeavors for our province. I strongly believe that if we are united, we can surpass whatever trials that come our way. Let us continue to work together for the best Lanao del Note that we can have, as the Land of Beauty and Bounty.

            Thank you and God bless us all.