saginganTubod is primarily an agricultural town. Of its land area of 24,000 has 80.7% is dedicated to agricultural use with a large percentage planted with bananas.Therefore, the ups and downs of the economic situation of the people in the interior barangay is more or less dependent on banana Industry. Cognizant with the bright prospect of banana products playing a vital role of livelihood of the people, in 1986, the LGU of Tubod,Lanao del Norte initiated the conceptualization of a festival that would give an all out emphasis on Council was organizeds to assist the LGU of  Tubod in designing what is now known as the Sagingan Festival,as well as to determined priority measures to enhance the product of the economic symbol of Tubod. With close coordination of the Department of Agriculture,the banana yields of Tubod were given special treatment ( ex. Research, variety classification,soil analysis,etc). In 1987 ,the first Sagingan Festival celebrated by Tubod during the commemoration of the Towns creation ( Charter day October 17). The celebration highlighted the presentation of the different varieties of bananas In Tubod( fifty-two(52) varieties as of last count). Seeing the the festival enlightens the Tubodnons on the importance of Bananas in generation income,it was enhanced, developed, and sustained by the LGU of Tubod. Indeed, from the time ,a portion of the LGU’s 20% development fund was allocated for the Sagingan Festival.In 1992,Sagingan Festival was officially accredited with the Department of Tourism and included in the calendar festival in the entire Phillippines.There festivals are highlighted with Street dancing Competition,Best Decorated Caromata,Booth Contest,Search for Ms. gan Festival which use of 75% of Banana materials,banana Festival, and Agro-industrial Trade Fair. Folk Dance Competition and  Sports Competition were incorporated to add and grandeur to the celebration. Hon. Romana dela Cruz-Neri is known as the Grandmother of the Sagingan Festival.