( Provinsagayan-festivalcial Cultural Dance of Lanao del Norte) A cultural event using as its base a Maranao dance performed during the Araw ng Lanao del Norte Celebration Participated by all the municipalities of the province. Sagayan depicts a war dance among the Maranaos. Datu Bantugan is the legendary hero of the Darangen, Maranao epic. His name connotes Brilliance, Fame, and Honor one who makes history, the pride of Bumbaran, Maramanay and Simban are among  the several names attributed to Bantugan,which means “ Crown of the Ayonan”. The kingdom of Bumbaran was ruled by Ayonan sa Bumbaran the elder brother of Paramata Bantogan and their  sister Arcata Lawanen. Arcata Lawanen was abducted by Ayonan Dimasangkay , a ruler of Sagorongan- a- Ragat and became captive of that kingdom. Paramata Bantogan searched  for his sister and a fairy messenger ( twin sister of Arcata Lawanen ) came to inform him of her location. In disguise, Paramata Bantogan went to Sagorongan-a- Ragat to rescue his sister. News broke about his presence in the kingdom. Paramata Bantogan performs the ritual for battle then the fight ensued. Re-enforcement arrived thereafter. The two warning groups were pacified and reconciled by Bai-A-Labi. She succeeded so peace reigned in the two lands thereafter.