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Provincial Qur’an Reading Contest

53rd Provincial Qur’an reading competition themed “Qur’an: A Torch for Peace”

Abdullah Esmail Darapa and Mohaimen Paingco won the Provincial Qur’an Reading Contest this prominent event that celebrates an individual’s ability to recite the Qur’an. It was presided by “Abdulwahab A. Ampog” and the judged by “Sheik Mohamad S. Alawi, Aleem Abdulhakim Mawalo, Aleem Monib Mangilala, Aleem Ali Batuwa-an, Ustadz Khairoden Mangotara, Aleem Manintal H. Daud, Aleem Mohammad Cadatu, Aleem Abdulrahim Batingolo, Aleem Aminodin Angni, Aleem Haron C. Gato” the event was held on February 23, 2017 at Mindanao Civic Center Gymnasium, Tubod , Lanao del Norte.

This is the 53rd Provincial Qur’an reading competition themed “Qur’an: A Torch for Peace” it is also a first time that this competition is held at a huge venue for before it was only at some municipalities this is to accommodate the rising listeners and active individuals that are into the competition.

The Province has been hosting reading competitions of the Islamic book since 1964 “to instill and foster love for the Qur’an among the Muslims and live with the good message inscribed by the religious book.” Each municipality is required to have a male and female representative the board of judges will stay behind the stage to avoid bias during the recitation as one of the mechanics of the competition.

“ang importante dito para malaman ng mga muslim kung ano ang ibig-sabihin ng Qur’an, gaano ka importante ang Qur’an sa kanilang buhay, without Qur’an sayang ang buhay namin”- Sheik Khairoden M. Sharief in his interview about the event.

Qur’an is being read verbatim by Muslims. Since it is written in Arabic, reading it requires expertise in speaking the Semitic language of the Arabs.  But the steadfast Filipino Muslims that prays and reads the Qur’an didn’t have single problem reciting the Holy Scriptures.

The prize for the champions of the competition will be the Hajj free of expenses with 15,000 pesos, second runner-up 10,000 pesos, fourth runner-up 5,000 pesos and then a consolation prize for the participants of 500 pesos.


Abdullah Esmail Darapa Mohaimen Paingco Champions
Esmail A. Toroganan Lilie M. Masurong 2nd Runner-up
Rakim G. Bangon Akisa S. Mangotara 3rd Runner-up


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