Provincial Planning Development Office


A dynamic organization of competent staff with holistic and strategic thinking, managing development with integrity and professionalism.


Influence development partners in achieving results-oriented and people participated development planning process.

Formulate policy-based, integrated and comprehensive development plans with the highest degree of excellence and teamwork.

PPDO Mandate

  • 1. Formulate integrated economic, social, physical, and other development plans and policies for consideration of the local government council;
  • 2. Conduct continuing studies, researches, and training programs necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation;
  • 3. Integrate and coordinate all sectoral  plans and studies undertaken by the different functional groups or agencies;
  • 4. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different development programs, projects, and activities in the local government unit concerned in accordance with the approved development plan;
  • 5. Prepare comprehensive plans and other development planning documents for the consideration of the local development council;
  • 6. Analyze the income and expenditure patterns, and formulate and recommend fiscal plans and policies for consideration of the finance committee of the local government unit concerned as provided un Title Five, Book II of this Code;
  • 7. Promote people participation in development planning within the local government unit concerned:
  • 8. Exercise supervision and control over the secretariat of the local development council; and
  • 9. Exercise such other powers and perform such other functions and duties as my be prescribed by law ordinance.


Plan Formulation and Investment Programming Division

Provide over-all coordination & supervision in the formulation of planning documents and preparation of investment programs

  • Plan Formulation Section
  • Coordinate the formulation and updating of all planning related documents such as Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP) and Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA);
  • Assist frontline departments in the formulation of sectoral and thematic plans;
  • Provide technical assistance to MLGUs in the formulation of Comprehensive Development Plans & Comprehensive Land Use Plans;
  • Provide technical and secretariat support to the Provincial Development Council
  • Review Municipal Comprehensive Land Use Plans
  • Provide technical support to the Provincial Land Use Committee
  • Provide secretariat support to PDC Devt Administration Committee
  • Ensure people participation in planning processes

Investment Programming and Budgeting Section

  • Coordinate the preparation of a long term and medium term provincial development investment programs;
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Annual Investment Program;
  • Review annual budgets of the LGU departments/offices as member of the Local Finance Committee;
  • Coordinates evaluation of project proposals seeking PDC endorsement;
  • Review Annual Investment Program of Municipal Local Government Units;
  • Provide technical assistance to the Local Finance Committee;
  • Spearhead approval process of investment programs and 20% Development Fund utilization
  • Monitor utilization of the 20% Development Fund

Monitoring and Evaluation Division

Oversee all activities related to project monitoring and evaluation of comprehensive and sectoral plans, development programs, department accomplishments. and LGU performance and all other M & E related activities

Performance Evaluation Section

  • Coordinates the preparation of the Provincial Annual Accomplishment Report
  • Conduct periodic plan implementation assessment and coordinate preparation of a term based Provincial Development Report;
  • Review department Office Performance Commitment Review (OPCR);
  • Provide secretariat support to the Provincial Performance Management Team (PMT)
  • Upload Full Disclosure Policy documents to provincial website
  • Provide overall coordination in implementing the Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS);
  • Provide technical support to LGPMS Team
  • Evaluate fiscal performance of PLGU using PFMAT
  • Provide technical assistance to Public Financial Management (PFM) Team
  • Conduct project evaluation and impact studies
  • Project Monitoring Section
  • Undertake periodic field validation of projects;
  • Prepare periodic monitoring reports on project status and project accomplishments and submit to higher authorities;
  • Conduct problem solving sessions on projects with implementation issues
  • Provide the Provincial Development Council and its Sectoral Committees with regular project updates;
  • Coordinate monitoring and evaluation capacity building interventions
  • Establish and maintain a database of on-going programs and projects in the province;
  • Provide technical support to the Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC);
  • Provide secretariat support to PDC Infrastructure Devt Committee

Special and Inter-sectoral Concerns Section

  • Provide coordinative support to local committees: Provincial School Board (PSB), Provincial Health Board (PHB), Provincial Technical Working Groups,

Information and Knowledge Management Division

Take charge in the build up of database, development and maintenance of MIS , and development of knowledge products as basis for planning, policy formulation and project development, among others.

Knowledge Management

  • Provide overall supervision and management of CBMS survey operation;
  • Establish databases for planning, policy formulation and project development;
  • Document best practices;
  • Establish and manage intranet forums;
  • Maintain and update planning guidelines;
  • Maintain a library of manual of operations, office protocols, handbooks and guidelines;
  • Conduct study and research as needed;
  • Advocate, communicate and disseminate provincial plans and programs;
  • Provide secretariat support to PDC Economic Development Committee;
  • Provide technical assistance to economic and environment related special committees such as Provincial Agriculture and Fishery Council (PAFC), Protected Area Management Board, among others

Information Management Division

  • Optimize the use of information technology in data and information management
  • Develop and maintain a computerized data management system;
  • Maintain an integrated Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) database
  • Prepare Socio-Economic Profile and Statistical Compendium;
  • Provide coordinative and management support to foreign assisted and nationally implemented special programs and projects;
  • Provide secretariat support to PDC Social Development Committee
  • Provide secretariat support to Provincial School Board;
  • Provide technical assistance to Provincial Health Board
  • Provide secretariat support to Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC)-Committee on Recovery and Rehabilitation

Administrative Division

Provide overall administrative support of technical divisions such as personnel/human resource transactions, financial and logistic support and other related administrative functions.

  • Facilitate human resource management services requirement of PPDO;
  • Establish an efficient communications and records management;
  • Oversee IT services and maintain PPDO IT facilities;
  • Conduct periodic appraisal of existing administrative operations and systems;
  • Manage office planning and budgeting activities;
  • Procure office supplies and equipment and establish a supply inventory system;
  • Provide overall coordination and management of events and functions
  • Manage PPDO initiated training activities