Provincial Legal Office

PLO Mandate

The Provincial Legal Office provides support to the Provincial Governor, then  it renders Legal Opinion on matters affecting the operation of the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte (PGDLN)and other Municipal LGU’s. In addition, it acts on legally constituted bodies  as appointed member;

—  Formulate measures for consideration of SB and render legal advice, opinions and recommendations on all issues relative to the legislative and quasi-judicial functions of the Sanguniang Panlalawigan, as well as Sangguniang Bayans when so requested;

—  Attend to cases filed for or against the PGDLN and other Municipal  LGU’s ;

—  Be in the forefront in the investigation and possible prosecution of perpetrators of any and all criminalities in Lanao del Norte that may threaten the peace stability of the province;

—  Provide advice and perform other legal work to assist in the conclusion and interpretation of  PGLDN  contracts at the request of the respective PGLDN’s departments concerned, including those for services and materials, real property and intellectual property rights;

—   Develop plans, strategies to implement program and projects related to legal services which the governor and the municipal mayors are empowered to implement;

—  Be in frontline of protecting human rights and prosecuting any violations thereof  particularly those that occur during and in the aftermath of man-made or natural disasters and calamities;

Top 3 Priorities and Programs

1. Our commitment to  provide every constituent of PGLDN  equal access to justice and  to ensure that no one is deprived of due process of law.
2. The PLO provides free legal services to indigent constituents of the province, and low cost legal aide to those who cannot afford to pay the regular lawyer’s fees.
3. Another Project of PLO is the Barangay Legal Awareness Program

o   Project Description :   This program is designed to provide to barrio folks the necessary awareness of their basic rights as individuals as well as their rights vis-à-vis the government unit they belong.

o   Goal  : To educate all the barangay officials and constituents with  its  justice system as to provide the basic knowledge of the legal procedures available in criminal civil as well as administrative cases that they may be involved in or they may want to file in order to protect their rights granted under the 1987 Philippine Constitution and the 1991 Local Government Code.

o   Purpose : Implemented so that the Barangay Officials and constitutients will be fully aware of their rights and the laws affecting the barangay, thereby creating a venue for a better governance at the barangay level.