Provincial Health Office


PHO Mandate

1. Primary responsible for the implementation of DOH health programs and projects.

2. Review and monitors the health establishment, its operation and maintenance of health agencies.

3. Implement laws, ordinances, policies and guidelines pertaining to health and sanitation.

4. Provide quality health services in an efficient and equitable manner especially to the underserved & under privilege.

5. As the principal preventive health provider, assure the quality care and lead in putting health in the hands of the people

6. Provides promotive, preventive, rehabilitative and curative service and provide technical assistance to field implementers in the delivery of basic health care services.


Priority Programs

1, MATERNAL & Neonatal Child Health and Nutrition (MNCHN) Program

Maternal Child & Health Programs

  • Control of Diarrheal Diseases
  • Control of Acute Respiratory Infection
  • Nutrition Service
  • Family Planning/Reproductive Health
  • Dental Services


Philcat – Philippine Coaliton Against Tuberculosis


Service Delivery Component

  •   Disease Free Zone Initiatives
  •   Intensified Disease Prevention and Control
  •   Child Health
  •   Maternal Health Programs
  •   Healthy Lifestyle and Management of Health Risks
  •   Surveillance and Epidemic Management System
  •   Disaster Preparedness and Response System
  •   Health Promotion and Advocacy
  •   Health Facilities Development Plan

Health Regulation Component

  •   Enforcement of and compliance to National Health Legislation and Standards
  •   Improvement of Access to Low Cost Quality Drugs/Commodities

Health Financing Component

  •   Increase in LGU Investment Plan

Health Governance

  •   LGU Sectoral management
  •   Internal Management