Lanao del Norte’s development direction is hinged on its long-term vision – Vision 2020.  Since Vision 2020 was crafted in 1995 during the administration of then Governor Abdullah Dimaporo,  the province has accomplished significant results towards achieving its desired state of development.   This was made possible through the able leadership of  Governors Abdullah Dimaporo,  Imelda Dimaporo and the current Governor Mohamad Khalid Dimaporo.

The three administrations adopted their respective priorities. Governor Abdullah Dimaporo had his development imperatives, Governor Imelda Quibranza Dimaporo had her development  thrusts and Governor Khalid has his three-point agenda.  All these development priorities point to a common result – attainment of Vision 2020 which envisions Lanao del Norte to become “a globally competitive agri-industrial community of God loving, ecology conscious, culturally diverse people working together in peace and harmony to achieve equity and prosperity.”

Significant achievements so far were made possible with the implementation of high impact projects in the province.  Essentially, programs and projects fall under different categories based on ownership and source of funds: (a) nationally implemented with financial counterpart from the province, (b) national programs with coordinative and management support from the province, (c) programs initiated by the province utilizing its own resources, (d) programs initiated by its component LGUs with financial support provided by the province, and (e) programs supported by donor communities including nongovernmental organizations. Programs and projects presented in this report fall in any one of these categories and  are aligned to Governor Mohamad Khalid Dimaporo’s three point agenda: social development, rural livelihood and infrastructure development.  Governance reform serves as an overarching strategy to ensure results along the three point agenda.