Provincial Budget Office

PBO Mandate

  • In pursuance with Section 475 of the Local Government Code of 1991, the Provincial Budget Office is mandated to:
    • Prepare forms, orders and circulars embodying instructions on budgetary and appropriation matters for the signature of the governor;
    • Review and consolidate the budget proposals of different departments and offices of the local government unit;
    • Assists the governor in the preparation of the budget and during budget hearings;
    • Study and evaluate budgetary implications of proposed legislation and submit comments and recommendations thereon;
    • Submit periodic budgetary reports to the Department of Budget and Management;
    • Coordinate with the treasurer, the accountant, and the planning and development coordinator for the purpose of budgeting;
    • Assist the sanggunian concerned in reviewing the approved budgets of component local government units;
    • Coordinate with the planning and development coordinator in the formulation of the local government unit development plan; and
    • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as maybe prescribed by law or ordinance.


A dynamic organization of competent and highly motivated staff delivering excellent budgeting services utilizing state of the art technology with strong linkage to clients


  • We are committed to deliver optimum services utilizing state of the art technology.
  • We shall provide capability building opportunities to the staff to have a clearer path.
  • We shall ensure to continue and strengthen linkage to our clients.
  • We shall continue to exercise our coordinative functions with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Treasurer, Accountant and PPDO to ensure efficient and effective budgeting process focusing on local development programs and fiscal administration.
  • We shall deliver excellent budgeting services by strictly adhering to budgeting, accounting, and auditing rules and regulations.


  • Strategic allocation of resources
  • Streamlined budgeting process
  • Sustained planning and budgeting linkage
  • Synchronized budget and expenditure management


  • Improve core and technical competencies of staff
  • Provide technical support to the departments and offices in the budget preparation
  • Submit the approved annual budget to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan on or before October 16
  • Reduce processing time of Obligation Request
  • Implement ebudget system
  • Strengthen harmonious relationship with clients and stakeholders
  • Encourage participative budgeting with CSOs
  • Maintain strong linkage with municipal LGUs

Programs, Projects, Activities

  • Budget Management Program
  • Preparation of Proposed Annual Budget
  • Enhancement of Technical Budgeting Process
  • Establishment of eBudgeting System
  • Establishment of Monitoring System for the implementation of Public Financial Management Improvement Plan (PFMIP)
  • Attendance to Learning and Development Activities
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Investment Programming
  • Human Resources Management and Development

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Position Chart




Functional Chart