Provincial Architech’s Office


PARCO Mandate

1. Take charge of the Office on architectural planning and design and shall develop and implement plans and strategies particularly those which have to do with architectural planning and design programs and projects, including the renewal of slums and blighted areas, land reclamation activities, the greening of land, and appropriate planning of marine foreshore areas;

2. Review and recommend for appropriate action of the sanggunian, governor as the case maybe, the architectural plans and design submitted by governmental and non-governmental entities or individuals, particularly those for undeveloped, underdeveloped, and poorly designed areas;

3. Be in the frontline of the delivery of basic services involving architectural planning and design and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters and calamities;

4. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


Priority Programs

1. Liangan Hydro Power Plant Project

Project Description: The project consists of construction and operation of a run-off river type small hydropower facility on the Liangan River. Streamflow from the Liangan River is the source of water for hydroelectric power plant. The installed power capacity is 11.9 megawatts which will be provided by two turbine units at a design flow of 11.4 cms The Total Project Cost is Php1.4B.The main feature of the river near the proposed project is Pagayawan Falls. With a height of approximately 85 meters, the elevation change between the top and bottom of the falls provides the source for hydroelectrical power production. Principal features of the project consist of the following: Diversion Weir, Headrace, surge Tank, Powerhouse, Switchyard, Transmission line and Access roadways and transportation corridors for construction, operation and maintenance activities associated with the project.

The project is aimed  to provide off-site support to the MIRAIC, by supplying cheaper and sufficient power supply to the locators, industries, thus increasing economic activities and improve quality of life.

2. Capitol Basement Offices

Project Description: Completion of Provincial Capitol Building (basement) and  installation of an elevator. And to fully complete the Capitol Building for some other PGLDN Departments to occupy in order for constituents stakeholders have easy access to services.

3. Perimeter Fencing

Project Description: The project is composed of the construction of perimeter fence of PGLDN properties such as : Provincial Capitol, Agora Bus Terminal and Public Markets in Tubod and Kapatagan, MCC Motocross Area, MCC Peace Village, MCC Eco Park, Provincial Hospitals and Metro Iligan Regional Agri Industrial Center (MIRAIC) located at municipality of Linamon.the Project is also aimed to prevent squatters and illegal occupants which could cause problems in the future.