Provincial Accounting Office

PACCO Mandate

The Office of the Provincial Accountant is mandated to install and maintain an Internal Audit System by virtue of Republic Act 7160 of the Local Government Code, hence the burden now lies in our Office in order for the Provincial Government to be transparent in all of its transactions and hereby result to good Governance. To attain such system, our Office plays a vital role in the process of determining and evaluation of transaction as to its validity, accuracy, budgetary allotment and completeness of supporting. Due to the voluminous transactions that has to be processed daily, it entails patience, perseverance and utmost diligence, yet the Office managed to serve and deliver efficiently with minimum staff, thereby resulting to multi-tasking of employees job assignments.

Another vital mandate of our Office is to see to it that funds are properly used and expenditures authorized so that losses/overdrafts will not materialize, in doing so, expenses are properly accounted for through index cards, journals, subsidiary ledgers, general ledgers and entered into Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Statement of Income and Expenses, and to its supporting schedules which are prepared monthly, quarterly and annually.
Still another important mandate is to monitor the grant of Cash Advances, its liquidation/settlement and prepare monthly Summary statement thereof. Still another, is to prepare Certificate of Status of Funds and Statement of Receipts and Disbursements of Funds granted to the Province from National Line Agencies and other non-government Organizations so that more financial releases can be availed.

Furthermore, the Office is mandated to prepare Remittances and its supporting statements for BIR, GSIS. HDMF(Pag-Ibig) and PHILHEALTH.

Priority Programs

1. The Office is hoping to implement the Electronic New Government Accounting System(E-NGAS) before the end of 2010, for us to cope up with new development and to comply with the Commission on Audit’s standards of operation and in order for us to be on line with other Local and National Government units.

2. Systematic filing of Employees index cards for convenient and easy access to employees records for issuance of certificates and retirements.

3. Computerized Processing section for fast and accurate processing of all claims.