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PGLDN resumes assistance to IDPs sheltering in the Province

PGLDN resumes assistance to IDPs sheltering in the Province.

The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office continue its relief operations in the municipalities of Lanao del Norte where Internally Displaced Persons are taking shelter. For the Month of August 2017, 5 municipalities have been identified by the PSWDO to receive food packs; these municipalities are Tangcal, Sapad, Salvador, Lala and Kapatagan. Last August 9, the 289 IDPs in the Municipality of Tangcal received their food packs containing 6 kilos of rice, 5 cans of sardines and 3 cans of tuna and in the Municipality of Sapad 214 IDPs obtained their food packs on August 15.

Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo calls for the resumption of the assistance to IDPs to stand united with the victims of these atrocities caused by the terrorists who took siege to the city of Marawi.

Governor Angging asked PSWDO Head, Annabelle S. Mendez to continue with the relief operations in the different municipalities of the province. PSWDO coordinates with the Municipal Social Welfare and Development to help in giving out the food packs together with the staffs of the Provincial Governor’s Office-Community Affairs Division.

The Municipalities of Salvador, Lala and Kapatagan with 168, 25, and 86 IDPs, respectively will receive their food packs in the coming days.

The Province of Lanao del Norte has become the shelter of these displaced families from the time the conflict started. On May 23, 2017, the local terrorist group established their presence in the city by blocking major highways within Marawi and raising their infamous flag to make their presence known all over the country and to the whole world.

The sacrifice that these displaced people and the hardship they have gone through up to this very moment is insignificant to these terrorists, for they were only fighting for personal interest. The ideology of these extremists is not within the peaceful religion of Islam. Innocent lives have been lost and livelihoods were gone in an instant due to these senseless cause.

The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte through the leadership of Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo welcomes all displaced persons and families to the peaceful province of Lanao del Norte. The Governor persuade them to be more resilient and not to be discourage for the Provincial Government is doing its best to extend all necessary help through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office and the Provincial Health Office. In one of the distribution of activities, Governor Angging told the IDPs from Marawi and Lanao del Sur to observe the Unity, Respect and Understanding between the Muslims and Christians in the province. The Unity, Respect and Understanding are the key factors to the fast growing development in the Province of Lanao del Norte, “The Land of Beauty and Bounty”. PIO-LDN

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