niyogan-festivalNiyogan festival was first celebrated in the year  1997 by virtue of Resolution no. 36.s. 1997 of the Sangguniang bayan of Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte. Every year thereafter except in the year 2000, the said festival was considered as on of the highlights of the Araw ng Magsaysay every 23rd day of May. The main essence or objectives of the festivity are; to promote the potentiality of Magsaysay in coconut production ; to promote and develop the coconut industry for  tourism;to establish the municipality’s identity from that of other municipalities inside and outside of the Province of Lanao del Norte; and to promote peace and unity of God-loving people in spite of cultural diversities.In the year 2002, the Sangguniang Bayan of this municipality passed a resolution thru the Sagguniang Panlalawigan, Province of Lanao del Norte, requesting the Tourism secretary Richard Gordon to accredit and /or registered theNiyogan Festival of  Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte. But the local officials of this Municicipality are planning to exert another effort to revive the said request.