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PDRRMC Observes National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill in Kolambugan

PDRRMC Observes National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill in Kolambugan.

During a damaging earthquake, life protecting actions must be taken immediately. There will be no time to decide what to do next; everyone must already know how to react appropriately. After an earthquake, rescue actions such as emergency evacuation or first aid administration are necessary. These are the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council’s aims and goals for the residents of Lanao del Norte, and to the employees of the Provincial Government and its Municipalities. And on September 27, 2017 a Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) was done at the Municipal Hall of Kolambugan.

The Municipality of Kolambugan was chosen to be the pilot Municipality of this NSED. The PDRRMC evaluated the Local Government Unit of Kolambugan if they are capable and ready in case of an earthquake occurs. The drill was spearheaded by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, OIC Mr. RamelitoTubongbanua in cooperation with the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council led by Ernesto Valle, the Bureau of Fire Protection, Kolambugan Emergency Response Units and the Philippine National Police.

The official time of the Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill began at exactly 2PM. Prior to the commencement of the nationwide drill, the PDRRMC, BFP, KERU and PNP conducted a Pre-Earthquake Drill simulation in the morning. This is to rehearse the proper actions and behaviour of the municipal employees when an actual earthquake takes place. More than 60 employees of the Municipal Hall joined the drill.

A Siren signifies the start of the drill. The people inside the building are taught to duck, cover then hold then tasked to form a line with hands covering their head and proceeds to the exit straight to the evacuation areas as fast as possible avoid panicking and disorder. Vice Mayor Beltran Lumaque leads the municipal employees by seriously joining the drill.

This month of September earthquakes have been the headline in the news, outside our country last September 19 and 23 two earthquakes occurred that damaged Mexico City, Morelos, Puebla and Oaxaca in Mexico and locally Sunday September 24, 2017 a 5.4 magnitude earthquake rocked the province of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur this calls for concern and that the people of Lanao del Norte should be ready if such strong earthquakes might happen.

The PGLDN receiving the Gawad KALASAG Award last August 10, 2017, is a proof that the province of Lanao del Norte is equipped and fully capable in dealing natural disasters, the Quibranza-Dimaporo Initiative prepares the whole province to be ready in case of strong magnitude earthquakes or natural disasters. The PDRRMC will train and create a knowledgeable and resilient community that can withstand catastrophes and ready to rise up to the occasion with the support of Governor Imelda “Angging”Quibranza-Dimaporo, mother and leader of the Province of Lanao del Norte, “The Land of Beauty and Bounty.” PIO-LDN

PNP conducts Oplan Galugad at Provincial Jail

Gov. Angging with PD Cabanag during the execution of Oplan Galud at Provincial Jail

Pigcarangan, Tubod – The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte coordinates with the Philippine National Police of the province to execute a surprise search inside the facility of the Provincial Jail early morning of September 27, 2017. This is in line with President Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs. Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo, fully support the President’s fight to put an end to the proliferation of illegal drugs not only in Lanao del Norte but throughout the country.

Governor Angging requested Police Sr. Supt. Leopoldo E. Cabanag, PNP-Provincial Director to plan an operation intended to look for illegal substances or paraphernalia within the complex of the said provincial jail.

 According to the Governor, Provincial Director Cabanag reported that there are transactions involving illegal drugs that are happening inside the facility. Governor Angging immediately approved with the plan of Police Provincial Director to carry out a raid the soonest possible time in order to identify those persons who are engaged in this illicit acts.

“Though the sanctions implemented by NAPOLCOM in stripping us with the authority over the PNP has not yet been lifted, we, the local chief executives of the province of Lanao del Norte still continue to work with the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Interior and Local Government and other national government offices to implement the programs of President Duterte, especially on this fight against illegal drugs,” said Governor Angging.

Police Provincial Director Leopoldo E. Cabanag said that there are items found inside the prison cells of the inmates that will indicate the presence of illegal drugs, like lighters and other items that links to the use of such drugs.

Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo thanked Provincial Director Cabanag for the swift action of the Philippine National Police to her request. The Governor promised that the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte will continue to support the programs of President Duterte by coordinating, collaborating and cooperating with the PNP, PDEA, DILG and other concern national government agencies. PIO-LDN


Governor Angging Handed-Over Tubaran Basketball Covered Court

Governor Angging Handed-Over Tubaran Basketball Covered Court.

Barangay Officials of Tubaran formally receives the Basketball Covered Court from Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo on September 27, 2017. This infrastructure project was conceived during the time when the Governor was then the 1st District Representative of the Province of Lanao del Norte.

Barangay Captain Dionisio Y. Cabahug, Jr. thanked Governor Angging for the continuous pouring of projects in Barangay Tubaran, “Without sa atoang ginikanan sa probinsya nga si Governor Angging,  dili ni siya ma-realized (Basketball Covered Court). Wala giud mahitabo nga barangay sa tibook Lanao del Norte nga gi-butangan ug sama ani ka dako nga budget. This covered court is just one of the various projects recieved by Barangay Tubaran from the Quibranza-Dimaporo.

Barangay Captain Cabahug said, years ago he dreamed of having a pave road where students can walk on without getting dirty. Former Mayor of the Municipality of Tubod, late Nelieta Quibranza Noval provided truck loads of gravel to temporarily address the concern while looking for some other ways to permanently cement the road.

Governor Angging and 2nd District Representative, Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta Dimaporo answered the issue by allocating budget for the construction of the road from Barangay Kalilangan up to Barangay Tubaran.

The Provincial Governor appreciates the efforts of the residents of Barangay Tubaran in making chairs for the students of Marawi when the war ends and schools are rebuild. Governor Angging is giving projects to the barangays of the Municipality of Tubod, the capital town of the Province of Lanao del Norte.

Tubod as a capital, it should be seen as the most progressive and develop municipality in the Land of Beauty and Bounty. The municipal center of the municipality, Barangay Poblacion has recently been given budget by the Department of Public Works and Highways to improve the canals in the intersection of Pagadian-Iligan and Malingao-Poblacion. This upcoming project was approved through the effort of Governor Angging when she met DPWH Secretary Mark Villar during the State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte at Batasang Pambansa last July 24, 2017.

The Quibranza-Dimaporo Initiatives prepares various programs and projects for the province to sustain the fast growing development in achieving the vision for the people in living a prosperous and progressive Lanao del Norte. PIO-LDN

PSWDO Continue Relief Operations for IDPs in Tagoloan

PSWDO Continue Relief Operations for IDPs in Tagoloan

The on-going crisis in Marawi prevents Internally Displaced Persons or IDPs from coming back to their homes. The Armed Forces of the Philippines has recently recaptured some vital strategic positions like the command center occupied by the Maute terrorist group for months which hindered the military to liberate the once vibrant city.

Now with its final push, the AFP is gradually gaining grounds as the terrorists are running out of space to hide. However, the tactical operations of the military has to be done slowly and with precision because of the presence of Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) deliberately positioned by the terrorists in every room, houses, streets and corners, and the random sniper fire coming from the enemy.

With this current situation, the Armed Forces of the Philippines are doing its best to end the crisis and free the city in the soonest possible time for the Maranao people.

As of now, thousands of IDPs are temporarily taking shelter in other cities or municiapalities, some are home based and others are staying in the evacuation centers. Since the occupation started, the Province of Lanalo del Norte welcomes IDPs to take refuge in this peaceful province.

Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo gave a standing order to the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office to continuously address the needs of the IDPs in Lanao del Norte. One of the municipalities that are actively taking care of these IDPs is the Municipality of Tagoloan. Annabelle S. Mendez, head of the PSWDO is regularly in contact with the Chief of every Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office. Aida Macadingdang, a Municipal Social-Worker of Tagoloan personally receives the goods brought by the PSWDO team in partnership with the Mindanao Development Authority.

A total of 325 relief tubs were delivered in the Municipal Hall of Tagoloan. Inside the relief tubs are 2-pcs of blanket, pair of slippers, towel, hygiene kit, women’s underwear and Banig. These items will then be delivered to the IDPs identified and verified in the area by the staffs of the MSWDO.

Through the PSWDO, the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte continues Relief Operations for the displaced persons due to the conflict. The Office is open to any form of donations particularly clothes and hygiene kits.

Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Chaired by Vice-Governor Maria Cristina N. Atay, 1st District Representative, Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza-Dimaporo, 2nd District Representative, Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta Dimaporo together with the Municipal Mayors of the Province of Lanao del Norte have work together to address the needs of the IDPs sheltering in the province.

The unity of all Local Chief Executives of the province, from the Provincial Government down to the Barangays has made a tremendous impact in protecting the peace loving residents of Lanao del Norte from the threats of the terrorists and other lawless elements. The cooperation, collaboration and coordination of all stakeholders continuously prevent the conflict from spilling over to the peaceful and progressive Province of Lanao del Norte, “The Land of Beauty and Bounty.” PIO-LDN

Turn-Over of Covered Court in Barangay Bualan, Tubod

Turn-Over of Covered Court in Barangay Bualan, Tubod.

Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo personally spearheaded the turn-over ceremony of a covered court in Barangay Bualan in the Municipality of Tubod on September 26, 2017. Barangay Captain Florencio M. Duterte expressed his gratitude to Governor Angging for the construction of the said facility. “Ni-ining kabuntagon ang ato karon nga panaghi-usa mao ang pagdawat sa proyekto nga gihatag sa atong pinanggang inahan sa lalawigan nga si Ma’am Angging. Ang mga proyekto nga gihatag ni Ma’am Angging dinhi usa kini karon ang e-turn over ang gym. Dako kayo kini nga kaayuhan para kanato.” Aside from the covered court, Governor Angging also allocated major projects such as the paving of the road which is now under construction. As well the Banana Ketchup building that soon when finished will be beneficial to the residents of Barangay Bualan, said Barangay Chairman Duterte.

The wisdom of Governor Angging continuously leads the Province of Lanao del Norte towards prosperity by providing the community the essential improvements for the good of the residents. The leadership of the Quibranza-Dimaporo sustains the various development projects for the province that are advantageous to the constituents that they have promised to serve, regardless of creed, status or political affiliations.

According to the Barangay Chairman, “Kung wala ta nagkahi-usa, wala ta nag tinabangay, dili sab ta matabangan ni Ma’am Angging sa pag alima sa atong barangay. Busa kita mga kaigsu-onan magpadayon ang atong pagtinabangay, ang panag hi-usa para pag lambo sa atong barangay, ug pag padayon sa pag suporta sa tanan programa ug proyekto ni Ma’am Angging.”

Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo, asked the residents of Barangay Bualan to take care of this multipurpose hall. This project was created during the time when the Governor was still the Representative of the 1st District of Lanao del Norte. The Quibranza-Dimaporo Initiatives are giving priorities to farm to market road which could help fast track the distribution of farm products from the hinterland municipalities down to the coastal municipalities. This is in line with the national government’s program in giving importance to the agricultural sector.

“Let us grab the opportunity of having President Rodrigo Roa Duterte who comes from the Island of Mindanao which is giving importance to us (Mindanaon) by pouring various development projects to help alleviate the lives of the people of Mindanao,” Governor Angging addressing the audience.

Governor Angging as well reminds the residents of Barangay Bualan to be vigilant at all times. Report any suspicious men present in the area to the Barangay Captain or to any member of the council or to the Philippine National Police. The unity of the residents is the force behind the development and progress of the peaceful province of Lanao del Norte, “The Land of Beauty and Bounty.” PIO-LDN

PCDC Meeting in Preparation for the Cooperative Month

PCDC Meeting in Preparation for the Cooperative Month.

Chairperson Rodrigo S. Gamit of the Provincial Cooperative Development Council and Board Member Renario Bihag of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan led the 3rd Quarter PCDC Meeting. This gathering is in preparation for the celebration of the Cooperative Month in October to discuss the different programs and activities of the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte that are meant for the less fortunate constituents and strengthening the support to micro cooperatives in the province. The theme of this year’s commemoration; “Cooperatives: Empowering the Poor and the Vulnerable Towards Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development.”

The members who attended the PCDC meeting are Municipal Cooperative Officers, Municipal Cooperative Development Chairpersons, Department of Trade and Industry, Cooperative Development Authority and the cooperatives with province-wide operations.

To support the newly organized cooperatives in the province, the Cooperative Development Authority will identify the micro cooperatives that have an asset of three million pesos below. The Provincial Cooperative Office will evaluate the identified micro cooperatives that are performing actively before awarding them with Livelihood Assistance Projects.

The proposed activities presented by the Provincial Cooperative Office were approved by all the stakeholders in attendance. One of the activities that will be included in the month long observance is the two-day seminar on Fundamentals of Cooperatives and Governance and Management of Cooperatives. This seminar is intended to provide necessary aid to micro cooperatives for them to grow towards sustainable development. This said activity will occur on October 10-11, 2017 at Macapagal Training Center.

On October 18, 2017, a tree planting activity and coastal clean-up has been scheduled at Sultan Naga Dimaporo (SND). This activity is in support for the global campaign and a way to implement the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. The said activity in taking care of the environment is for the cooperative members to have a sense of responsibility in conservation and protection of the environment. The PCO will also be having a Mass feeding program and free haircut in partnership with the Association of Lanao Norte Makeup Artists (ASLANOMA) at Pikalawag Beach Resort in SND.

In addition, cooperatives were asked to coordinate with the PCO in order to incorporate their activities with the programs scheduled in celebration of the Cooperative Month. A simultaneous motorcade from the Municipality of Linamon and the Municipality Sultan Naga Dimaporo will culminate this celebration from both sides going towards Mindanao Civic Center Gymnasium. The Provincial Cooperatives Office will be awarding Gawad Parangal / Most Outstanding Cooperatives. Raffle Draws, Cooperative Hymn Contest and Search for Most Sustainable Cooperatives will also take place on this day.

The empowerment of the marginalized sector of the community through cooperatives is just one of the various projects and programs of the Inclusive Growth Plan of the Quibranza-Dimaporo Initiatives where the residents of the province are given opportunities to enhance their financial status or capabilities by working as a group instead as individuals.

The relentless efforts of Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo, 1st District Representative, Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza Dimaporo, and 2nd District Representative, Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta Dimaporo and with the unwavering support of the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Chaired by Vice-Governor Maria Cristina N. Atay along with the cooperation, coordination and collaboration of the Municipal Mayors, who are constantly finding ways to improve the living conditions of the residents and bringing in various projects in partnership with the national government agencies for the common good of the people and for the continuous prosperity of the peaceful Province of Lanao del Norte, “The Land of Beauty and Bounty.” PIO-LDN

44th Foundation Day of Kolambugan Provincial Hospital

44th Foundation Day of Kolambugan Provincial Hospital.

The personnel of the Kolambugan Provincial Hospital lead by Dr. Demetrio U. Opamen celebrated their 44th Founding Anniversary on September 20, 2017 inside the function hall of the said hospital. The program commences when the employees of the KPH initiated a tree planting program where they planted Falcata tree seedlings on a lot located behind the provincial hospital building.

The tree planting activity participated by the environment friendly employees of the Kolambugan Provincial Hospital was a success due to their sincere and common act of taking care of the environment. One employee said that in the future these trees will help serve the hospital as it filters the air from the harmful Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Right after the tree planting activity, a Mass was celebrated to give thanks to our Creator for the blessings received and enjoyed by the staffs and for their genuine act of taking care of the patients who are admitted to seek medical help.

Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo wants all provincial employees to be sincere in their assigned tasked. “You all know that we wanted to give the best quality of service to our constituents. The Governor also appeals to all employees (Nurses and Doctors) of the six provincial hospitals to be nice with their patients regardless of creed or status. Healthcare personnel of the provincial hospitals are expected to provide the best medical care to their patients and to treat them equally…Though there are patients that irritates you but please remember your oath, you are here to serve and you pledged to devote yourself to serve those who are in need of your help,” said Governor Angging during the grand opening of New Kapatagan Provincial Hospital.

Acting Chief of Hospital, Dr. Demetrio U. Opamen encouraged and motivates the employees to live a legacy by working hard and with sincerity in performing their duties and responsibilities as civil servants dedicated to serve the constituents of Lanao del Norte, “The Land of Beauty and Bounty.” PIO-LDN

Drum and Lyre Band of PES & GCNHS Brings Pride to Lanao del Norte

Drum and Lyre Band of PES & GCNHS Brings Pride to Lanao del Norte.

Iligan City – The contingents representing the Land of Beauty and Bounty once again brought prestige to this peaceful and humble province. The Pigcarangan Elementary School (PES) bagged the title as the Champion of Drum and Lyre Band Competition while for the High School Category B was gained by Geronima Cabrera National High School (GCNHS) from the Municipality of Kolambugan.

The Province of Lanao del Norte is known for its grandiose performance when joining every competition, either national or local. Out of six contingents for the elementary category who have joined the said contest, only the elementary school from the province that is not from the city won the title. And for the High School Category B, there were seven participants who were vying for the title.

The competition took place at Buhanginan Hills Amphitheatre on September 23, 2017 within the complex of Iligan City Hall in Barangay Pala-o. This activity is in line with the annual celebration of the city’s KASADYA Festival in giving honour to St. Michael, the Archangel, the protector and guardian of Iligan City. The city fiesta is celebrated every September 29.

In addition, Pigcarangan Elementary School of the Municipality of Tubod was also the champion during this year’s commemoration of the 58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte last June 30. The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte through the leadership of Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo supports activities such as this that will showcase the multi-culture residents of the province who are living harmoniously for years.

The Province of Lanao del Norte with its rich cultural diversity, where various festivals are frequently celebrated around the province, residents are familiar with this field of competition. Students in the province are regularly trained as early as elementary up to their high school years.

School Principal of Pigcarangan Elementary School, Dr. Socorro O. Pegalan II, was proud to see the students performing with excellence as every move they made are done in unison with the music their playing.

Dr. Pegalan II expressed his sincere gratitude to Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo for her unwavering support in making this important activity for the students to happen by providing transportation and other logistical support needed by the contingent. The School Principal also thanked Lyndon G. Calica, head of the Provincial Governor’s Office-Community Affairs Division and to Gemma Harun, head of the Provincial Resource Management Office.

Furthermore, a Certificate of Recognition was given both to Orlando Bagsican as Lead Trainor and Danilo Baterna as School Band Coordinator of PES. PIO-LDN

Lakbay Aral: Youth Leaders of Nunungan & Magsaysay

Lakbay Aral: Youth Leaders of Nunungan & Magsaysay.

Youth Leaders from the Municipality of Nunungan and Magsaysay are very thankful for the two-day field trip officially dubbed as the Lakbay-Aral Program that took place last Sept. 22-23, 2017. This program was initiated by the 15th Infantry “Molave Warriors” Battalion led by Lt. Col. Ericson V. Rosana in partnership with the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte through the Population Office in line with the Youth for Development (Y4D) program of the Province. The youth leaders were given accommodation for free at the Mindanao Civic Center Sports Complex. Their first destination of this program is a visit to Governor Arsenio A. Quibranza Provincial Government Center then to Iligan City’s Maria Christina Hydroelectric Power Plant.

These Youth leaders are a product of Kalinga sa Bayan, it is a program of the 15th Infantry Battalion where they train young adults to become responsive, responsible, useful, and productive citizens to be able to contribute in the development of the community as agents of change.

This Lakbay Aral Program aims to supplement these youth leader’s knowledge through exposure visit or experiential learning, on the first day of the activity they began with an orientation at the Macapagal Training Center discussing about the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte’s front line services and what it can offer then they went sight-seeing at Bacolod’s Eco-Park Fort Almonte and its two beautiful waterfalls the Biak na Bato falls and the Pagayawan Falls.

On its second day the youth leaders travelled to Iligan City to see the majestic Maria Cristina Falls and were briefly lectured on the functions of the Hydroelectric Power Plant. Then they had a quick break at Robinson’s Place Iligan for a bit of fun before heading back to Salvador at Brgy. Inasagan’s 15th Infantry Battalion Camp.

With the support of Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza Dimaporo through the PPO the 15th Infantry Battalion Molave Warriors and PGLDN who are working hand in hand in guiding these youth leaders in becoming the future frontrunners of our Province of Lanao del Norte and to the country which brings out the best of its people. PIO-LDN

PGLDN leads Turn-Over Ceremony of Multi-Purpose Building in Barangay Malingao

PGLDN leads Turn-Over Ceremony of Multi-Purpose Building in Barangay Malingao.

The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte handed the Multi-Purpose Hall to the Barangay Council of Malingao in behalf of the residents of the barangay. Barangay Captain Cirilo Apao was happy to receive the structure straight from the provincial government through Lyndon G. Calica, head of the Provincial Community Affairs Division on September 12, 2017.

The Multi-Purpose Building given to Barangay Malingao is just one of the infrastructure projects for the people to benefit from through the effort of Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo during her term as the 1st District Representative of Lanao del Norte.

“Governor Angging is always true to her promises in delivering the best quality of service for the people of Lanao del Norte, and this Multi-Purpose Hall in Barangay Malingao is a testament of how the Governor is sincere to her words,” said Calica.

When Governor Angging was then the Congresswoman of the 1st District, she has allocated projects to barangays that needs structures that the council can use for them to serve their constituents. To name a few, in Barangay Licapao, the Governor handed over a multi-purpose building and two of units elementary classrooms on July 12, and on August 8, Barangay Sto. Niño accepts the new multi-purpose hall.

Barangay Captain Cirilo Apao expressed his gratitude to Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo, “From the start, you have seen how supportive Governor Angging is to our Barangay. Our barangay is one of the many barangays who were given important projects such as this. This Multi-Purpose Hall will serve the residents of Barangay Malingao in any programs that are beneficial to all.”  

Governor Angging even before she entered politics, she already had a clear view of the responsibilities and duties of a public servant. This is because the late Governor Arsenio A. Quibranza thought her the essentials of being a good public servant.

Mayor Leoncio Bagol of the Municipality of Tubod as well attended the ceremony to show his support to the projects of Governor Angging. “Governor Angging with her trust and sincerity made this Multi-Purpose Building into a reality. Although we have encountered so many challenges in constructing this building but with the unwavering support of our Provincial Governor, we succeed in making this project available for you, residents of Barangay Malingao.”  PIO-LDN