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Lanao del Norte holds 15th Dev’t. Council Meeting

Governor Khalid Dimaporo (leftmost) is seen here being serenaded by Kapatagan LGU officials led by Mayor Benjie Baguio (3rd from right) during the 15th Provincial Development Council (PDC) meeting.

Tubod, Lanao del Norte – More than 10 mayors from different towns of this peaceful province attended the Provincial Development Council (PDC) meeting at Macapagal Training Center, in capital town Tubod.

The meeting was organized by the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) and presided by Governor Khalid Dimaporo.

During the council meeting, members were briefed on the progress of national programs and projects currently implemented in the province including Philippine Rural Development Project, Payapa at Masagang Pamayanan (PAMANA), Provincial Road Management Facility (PRMF), MRDP-APL2, and the National Community Demand Driven Program (NCDDP) of DSWD.

Budget allocation for the Annual Investment Plan (AIP) and 20-percent Development Fund Program for CY 2015 was also presented to the members.

The 20-percent Development Fund amounting to P172-million was divided among different programs and projects such as maintenance, stabilization, asphalting and concreting of provincial roads, provision of livelihood projects to marginal farmers, procurement of equipment for provincial road maintenance, Philippine Rural Development Project counterpart and NCDDP counterpart.

Other infrastructure projects reviewed by the Council were projects funded from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)-Australian Government, European Union and World Bank, Department of Health and Department of Agriculture.

The 15th PDC meeting was also attended by more than 30 municipal employees from different towns of Lanao del Norte.

On the same day, Governor Khalid Dimaporo also convened the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) to monitor the present security concerns in this progressive province. LAR & VNL/PIO-LDN

Regional Director Javier visits LDN

Police Chief Superintendent Agripino G. Javier is the new Regional Director of Region 10 the Police Chief visited Lanao del Norte last February 2, 2017

TUBOD, Provincial Capitol – Police Chief Superintendent Agripino G. Javier is the new Regional Director of Region 10 the Police Chief visited Lanao del Norte last February 2, 2017, he was delighted to be in Lanao del Norte for he complimented the beautiful scenery of our province specially the environmental area, Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo welcomed him along with 2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta-Dimaporo, they exchanged information regarding on the safety and security of the province.

“Since na wala pang report na nakakarating sa akin, ang presumption ko diyan ay matitino ang mga pulis dito unless na meron tayong malaman na meron din palang mga miyembro ng iskalawag at sana nga ang impression ko dito ay totoo” – Regional Director PC Superintendent Agripino G. Javier’s first impression on the police of our province is good he hopes that it stays that way.

The National Directives that were given to our new Regional Director was that the Philippine National Police (PNP) should stop any drug related operations such as Buy-bust operations, filing search warrants for drugs and even halting Operation Double Barrel or “Tokhang” as of now, for such operations will be for the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) only.

With the PNP out of the action against war on drugs the regional director still believes that this won’t affect the anti-drug largely enough that would cause big time drug dealers to go and conduct business once more. Even though the PDEA is currently undermanned right now they will be complimented by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

“Unang una liliwanagin ko sa kanila dahil marami pang nalilito dun sa paghinto nang aming partisipasyon at kampanya sa illegal drugs liliwanagin ko sa kanila kung ano yung pwede at kung ano yung di pwede at hihikayatin ko sila na pagtoonan ng pansin yung internal cleansing at pagdisiplina sa mga tao para wag na tayong maka dagdag pa ng problema nila sa Luzon.” – Regional Director on his marching orders in the region.

The Regional Director is against illegal gambling he hopes for the cooperation from the people and appeals to them to help the police he aims to continue the peace and unity. He is convinced that through it, the province will attract many businesses that could boom. PIO-LDN


Gov. Dimaporo leads 1st MANCOM meeting

Department and office heads of the provincial Capitol tackle the future activities and programs for the province for CY 2017

TUBOD, Lanao del Norte – Department and office heads of the provincial Capitol tackle the future activities and programs for the province for CY 2017. The first MANCOM meeting of 2017 is being prioritized  since the budget for the province for this year is already approved during the Sangguniang Panlalawigan during its recent SP session.

One of the issues being discussed during the meeting is the improvement of the system flow of the offices such as procurement and payrolls. One of the agendas was the conduct of 58th Araw ng Lanao this coming July 4, 2017.

KALSADA program was also discussed, the dream of paving all the roads in Lanao del Norte to improve the logistics and means of travel all throughout the province, this would also compliment on the projects of farm to market roads in barangays.

The Governor was also delighted to share that the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) for the Provincial Government didn’t decline but instead it increased even though a little, other Local Government Units didn’t go so well, an increase of the IRA would also mean that the Provincial Government could provide more general services since there has been an increase of employment in the offices/departments specially on the hospitals.

6 Hospitals has already a budget allocated for medicines alone, especially the New Kapatagan Hospital, it is said to be the biggest in the province with top class equipments, professional Nurses and best Doctors to spare. The Governor only wishes that the hospital employees will be serving the patients well and treating them generously.

One of the areas in the hospital that the governor is excited about is the paediatric ward or the area for ill children, she even went there herself with an artist to make the area more colourful and lively so that the children wouldn’t be scared of their doctors and nurses.

Security measures of the province is also one of the topics that the governor emphasized at the meeting she tasked the AFP and PNP to have more checkpoints and even set barricades to tightened the security on some entrances near the Provincial Jail in the capitol to prevent a high profile inmate Nabil Balua from being rescued. The governor doesn’t want to risk any chances of him escaping.

The Governor is excited for her plans this year and aims for the Seal of Good Local Governance award through the development of all the Municipalities from Linamon to Sultan Naga Dimaporo, with the help of the office and department heads she hopes that the end of the year will be fruitful for Lanao del Norte.



Provincial Launching of MASA MASID Program was conducted on January 26, 2017 at Mindanao Civic Center Gymnasium

TUBOD, Lanao del Norte – Provincial Launching of MASA MASID Program was conducted on January 26, 2017 at Mindanao Civic Center Gymnasium. Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo attended the said event and calls on all LGU’s from the barangays to the municipal level of Lanao del Norte to support the implementation of MASA MASID Program. Department of Interior and Local Government Assistant Secretary Hon. Hamid K. Ladjakahal was the guest speaker for the event.

Asec Ladjakahal imparted his Inspirational message to empower the local government units of the province and its people to help the DILG’s program.

“It is the duty of every citizen; it is the obligation of every citizen to choose what kind of country we want to be is it a country of destruction? Or a country of peace and development? We have our freedom of choice,it is the choice of every citizen that shapes what kind of country we want”, he cited.

Mamayang Ayaw Sa Anomaliya, Mamayang Ayaw Sa Illegal na Droga (MASA, MASID) an intervention made by the Department of Interior and Local Government and supported by the president  – Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

“We will support our president nga dinhi sa lanao del norte unta mawagtang(Illegal Drugs) na gyud na pero sa pagkakaron nuon gamay nalang, gamay gamay nalang pero I am still in doubt nga wala pagayod kini mahunong naa pagyoy mga supplier dinhi sa atong lalawigan.” – Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo lamented.

However, PNP Provincial Director Atty. Faro Antonio O. Olaguera provided the latest update on the peace and order of the province. “Napaka important ng role lalo na ng mga barangay chairmen nito sa barangay during drug clearing operation because once the barangay is declared as drug free you will be one of the signatories to affirm that indeed the particular barangay of yours is drug cleared,”  Provincial Director, PNP-LDN Atty. Faro Antonio O. Olaguera said.

MASA, MASID is created to eradicate Illegal drugs and to understand how severe illegal drugs has been affecting our society cascading it down to barangay level. Barangays are now the frontline combatants against illegal drugs, the program encourages that barangays should have a strong participation in the halting of drug addiction.

Through this it would instil in the minds of the community that there is an intervention to eradicate drug addiction in the barangays up to the municipal level, one of the barangay’s strong participation in MASA, MASID is intervention coordination with the interfaith group Ugnayan sa Barangay At Simbahan (UBAS) by creating activities such as drug advocacies.


HUDYAKA SA LUBI FESTIVAL 2017 the 57th Foundation Day of Linamon

January 23 – Linamon in its 57th foundation day has been celebrating and paying tribute for its importance to the coconut. Every 23rd day of January

LINAMON, Lanao del Norte, January 23 – Linamon in its 57th foundation day has been celebrating and paying tribute for its importance to the coconut. Every 23rd day of January, during the town’s foundation day celebration the people flaunt the various uses of the coconut with this year’s theme “Dalan sa Kahi-usahan, Kasadya ug Panag-ambahan sa tanan” through the guidance of Mayor Randy J. Macapil.

Linamon’s name origin was a story of the first Muslim natives that come from the Visayas Islands to explore and cultivate the land. Some migrant settlers were devoured by killer crocodiles when they set foot at the banks of the river now called Linamon River hence “Linamon” as related by the old folks.

The Provincial Government is very supportive of cultural festivals and activities to promote tourism and tradition. Peace and unity is essential for the province to progress and develop.

“Kung walay kahusay ug kalinaw wala gyud kitay makab-ot na kalamboan sa atong lungsod ug sa atong pinanggang probinsya sa lalawigan sa Lanao del Norte, and I would like to thank Mayor Randy once again for bringing back hudyaka sa lubi” – Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo.

Every Hudyaka festival features the Hudyaka street dancing in which the performers from each barangay wear their elaborate and ingenious costumes made up of coconut materials to surprise the crowd and judges.

Linamon maybe the smallest town in Lanao del Norte in terms of land area, yet it is rich and famous of diversified cultures of Muslims and Christians, the town boasted the world class beauty of Tinago waterfalls that has been visited by adventurers may it be local or international. The town also boasted and widely known for their coconut delicacies and products in Lanao del Norte.

The support from the local government and its heads is essential for the success of the celebration. Showing the rest of Lanao del Norte and the country that the Hudyaka street dancing is to be looked upon and awaited. PIO-LDN


Lanao del Norte, wins the FI category in a dance that showcases unity between Christians and Muslims.

Lanao del Norte, wins the Free Interpretation category in a dance that showcases unity between Christians and Muslims.

The week-long Sinulog Festival culminated yesterday with a plea for unity among Filipinos from Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma and dances that did not only venerate the Santo Niño but showcase a common desire for peaceful co-existence among various faiths.

Speaking before thousands of people who attended the 6 a.m. pontifical Mass to celebrate the feast of the Child Jesus at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño’s Pilgrim Center on Sunday, Palma called for tolerance and collaboration.

“Let us stop competing against each other but rather appreciate each one as God’s children,” he said in his homily. “Let us collaborate with each other so as to find progress and peace.”

“Be it problem on traffic, water, or garbage, we should be united and put our service for the good of society and for the glory of God,” said Palma.

The Sto. Niño, he said, is the source of communion and holds all creation together.

Palma concelebrated the Mass with Bishops Christian Noel and Antonio Palang; Fr. Andres Rivera Jr., the prior provincial of the Province of Santo Niño de Cebu-Philippines; Fr. Pacifico Nohara Jr., the Basilica rector; and around 60 religious and diocesan priests.

The third Sunday of January is celebrated as the Feast of the Sto. Niño in the Philippines, a special privilege given to the country by the Holy See due to the Filipinos’ special and unique devotion to the Christ Child.

More popularly known as the Sinulog Festival, the feast also showcased a grand parade which saw out-of-town contingents — Tangub City and Lanao del Norte — bagging the top prizes in the Sinulog-based and Free Interpretation categories, respectively.

With a storyline of uniting Muslims and Christians represented by the Dimaporo, a royal Maranao clan, and the Christian Quibranza families through the “kanduri” or the grand call for celebration by Maranaos, the Lanao del Norte contingent won the hearts of the judges and the spectators alike.

“Lanao had a very well thought-out production. It was a total production including a unique storyline about peacemaking between Christians and Muslims . . .,” Nestor Jardin, chairman of the board of judges for the free interpretation category, told reporters shortly after the public announcement of winners. – Cebu Daily News


Livestock farmers from all around Lanao del Norte gathered to participate the “Livestock Farmers Congress”

Tubod, Lanao del Norte – Livestock farmers from all around Lanao del Norte gathered to participate the “Livestock Farmers Congress” the provincial government brought the local Livestock and Meat industry farmers to discuss a variety of proactive strategies that address the ever-changing livestock industry.

The Livestock Congress was held on January 10, 2016 at the Mindanao Civic Center Gymnasium, Sagadan, Tubod LDN.

Livestock Farmers Congress is a unique local event that discusses the importance affecting the future of animal agriculture. The program featured “Backyard Forage & Garden Development” by Mr. Willie C. Nacalaban Forage and Pasture Specialist DA- RFO 10, Election of Livestock Raisers Assiociation Officers and Mini-Workshop.

“Di gyud pud mag-igo ang mga negosyo kung wala mong mag-uuma kay kung maayo inyong abot maayo pud ang halin sa mga negosyante ingon-ana gyud na murag cycle ragyud na  munang kinahanglan gyud magtinabangay ta” – Hon. Maria Cristina Navarro Atay Provincial Vice-Governor.

The importance of farmers in Lanao del Norte affects the business sector and its cycle of goods.

“Equity ang paghatag ug mas dakong importansya sa mga kapos nga ang atong gobyerno sama sa gabuhaton karon ni presidente Duterte, gikinahanglan nga tagaag mas dako nga importansya ang mga galisod”- 2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo. PIO-LDN


Lanao del Norte is the first stop for the first Alagang IQD Especial Mass Based Program this year, it brought the government closer to its people


Barangay Cabasagan, Lala, Lanao del Norte is the first stop for the first Alagang IQD Especial Mass Based Program this year, it brought the government closer to its people for many indigents and people who are in need got the frontline services offered by the government.

It was on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 that the first EMBP of this year in which many of the provincial government branches provided frontline services such as Health, Agricultural, Infrastructural, Education and many more.

One of the Highlights of the EMBP was the presence of school children from Fransisco Bolante Elementary School, who sang along with the PGLDN Band, the people and teachers were thankful for the EMBP.

“. . . ang mga magtutudlo nalipay kayo tungod sa programa nga gihatag sa atoang governor sa pagfeeding sa mga bata sa paghatag sa tambal mga deworming pagpaibot sa ngipon ug labi najud ang mga ginikanan tungod kay wa silay saktong financial support labi na sa tambal” – Master Teacher of Fransisco Bolante Elementary School.

Gov. Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo thanked the Municipal Vice-Mayor for his presence and support for the program. The Governor promoted the participation of Lanao del Norte in street dancing competition in Cebu for the celebration of the Sinulog festival.

The people of Lala were thankful for the changes that occurred in their municipality for the free health, dental check-up and operation tuli, agricultural goods and services such as high class seedlings, animal consultation for anti rabies and free animal multivitamins.

Free medicines were given to combat cold and fever because of the rainy season, feeding programs were also provided as well as free consultation about family planning and counselling and slipper give-aways for the children. PIO-LDN


Official Oath-taking for the new Mayor and Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Pantar


As the year 2016 ends, December 29 Thursday night Pantar Mayor Mohammad Exchan G. Limbona was ambushed in Dalipuga, Iligan City. His death sent a ripple into the hearts of the people of Pantar and its municipal employees.

His untimely passing left a permanent vacant position, a job that is both a blessing and a burden which is being the father of the town of Pantar. Vice-Mayor Hadji Rakim U. Alingan will be the next mayor and Sangguniang Bayan member Palagawad A. Macauyag will be the new vice-mayor.

It is in accordance to the “Rule of Succession Republic Act 7160 Chapter II a” that the vice-governor/vice-mayor should take the governor/mayor’s position if the said position is permanently vacant.

Lady Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo inducted Vice-Mayor Hadji Rakim U. Alingan as the new mayor and Sangguniang Bayan member Palagawad A. Macauyag as the new vice-mayor of the town in the Macapagal Training Center January 9, 2017.


Its 7 a-side tournament in which over 60 teams from all over Mindanao competed to win the cup


 “Puma Seven’s Cup is a seven aside game which aims to gather different teams from all over the country”, stated (Joemar Moscaya), Marketing Manager of PUMA Philippines.

The organization successfully finished its 7 a-side tournament in which over 60 teams from all over Mindanao competed to win the cup. But for the Puma and the Provincial Government, this tournament was much more than just a showdown between local soccer teams.

With fewer players on the field, they are forced to bring themselves more in to achieving a satisfying outcome for the match. The 7 a-side match is a fast game that requires improved physical abilities from the players compared to the more team based match of the regular 11 a-side game of soccer.

One game of the 7-aside tournament consist of 20 minutes with 10 minutes each half. The cup also serves as an encouragement for the country’s youth to pick up the ball and get active and showcase their talents in the art of the game.

The PUMA Seven’s CUP was also held on Manila in Quezon City last October, and will be on San Carlos City Negros Occidental this coming January 27-29 2017.

“It’s going to be bigger when the national league arrives in April 2017” – Joemar Moscaya

PUMA Seven’s Cup is just a first step towards a partnership with Lanao del Norte, the Provincial Government wants to hold as well the National PUMA 7s cup in March of 2017 with this it aims to provide a long lasting mutual relationship between the PUMA company and the Government of Lanao del Norte.

The common factor among all participants in the PUMA Seven’s Cup coaches and players alike is the passion for soccer. More than sixty coaches, ten referees, hundreds of players, friends, and families are engaged in some way by the PUMA tournament. PIO-LDN