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Motocross Capital of the Philippines Flies High on Its 58th Founding Anniversary

Motocross Capital of the Philippines Flies High on Its 58th Founding Anniversary

The Province of Lanao del Norte, “The Land of Beauty and Bounty” is also named the Motocross Capital of the Philippines. Every year the founding of the province is celebrated to commemorate the success of the people and showcase the hard work of the different industrious sectors which contributes to the continuous progress and development of Lanao del Norte.

In celebration of this meaningful event, the Provincial Government returns the favour to the people by organizing day to day events and activities for a weeklong merrymaking. Motocross racing is one of the events that the people have enjoyed. The death defying acts, the adrenaline rush, and the breathtaking moves which made the crowd up to their feet never minding the scourging heat of the sun just to see these motocross riders defies gravity. Riders from all over Mindanao and from the Visayas region assembled and conquered once again the obstacles and steep jumps made of dirt carefully contoured, design and build to perfection by the Provincial Engineer’s Office and true these riders were pushed to their limits at Mindanao Civic Center Sports Complex-Race Tracks.

According to Edol Sanes, event organizer there were 14 Categories of the Motocross event; Executive, Mini Class, Underbone Stock, Underbone Open, Expert, Pro-Category, Ladies, Power Enduro, Veterans, Inter-Open, Novice Open, Beginners, and Veterans 40 Up. These riders have come directly from Mati, Davao Oriental the previous day for the same event held in the city and immediately rushed to MCC Sports Complex in Lanao del Norte almost 526 km apart. As seen in their performance, the riders never felt tired to race with each other and entertained the crowd no matter how far they have travelled. We love the sport so much that we cannot afford to miss a single racing event especially the race here in the motocross capital said one of the racers from the Visayas region.

Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo thanked the participants who have come and joined in with the celebration of the 58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte. “Dako kaayo among pasalamat in spite to what happened (in Marawi) ni-a giud mo dinhi to join ug ni-anhi mo dinhi sa Lanao del Norte to participate the motocross as we all know that Lanao del Norte is the Motocross Capital of the Philippines, it was started by Congressman Khalid when he was still the Governor”. The Governor reveals that she has plans to organize an International Motocross event in Lanao del Norte before the end of this year.

Governor Dimaporo never vowed down to the security threats coming from the terrorist groups or from any insurgents. The support of all Municipal Mayors and the two Congressman, 1st District Representative Mohamad Khalid Quibranza-Dimaporo and 2nd District Representative Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo pushed through with the celebration. As Congressman Khalid said “This is the time of the year where we show our pride that we are from Lanao del Norte, we show our pride that we progress better than our neighbours. This is where we show our difference why we will succeed where other provinces have failed. Terrorism will not thrive in Lanao del Norte because of the development we have here and the unity among the Muslims and Christians, We respect each other’s religion”. PIO-LDN


Results by category:

Veterans 40 Up

1st: Popet M. Frias

2nd: Roscel Guingob

3rd: Boy Bisas

4th: Johnny Ariel S. Orar

5th: Climaco Tejano Sr.



1st: Timoy Olmoguis

2nd: Jeremiah C. Beech

3rd: Paul L. Janolino

4th: Tristan Galanto

5th: KR Mino



1st: Jesse Q. Pineda

2nd: Ralph Arnel V. Bayhon

3rd: kimboy Pineda

4th: Dodoy Bandigan

5th: Ambo Yapparcon



1st: Jesse Q. Pineda

2nd: Ralph Arnel V. Bayhon

3rd: Kimboy Pineda

4th: Philip Angelo P. Leonardo

5th: Dodoy Bandigan


Inter Open

1st: Jesse Q. Pineda

2nd: Dodoy Bandigan

3rd: JV E. Lim

4th: Charl Bandigan

5th: Jeven Lagrada



1st: Popet M. Frias

2nd: Roscel Guingob

3rd: Boy Bisas

4th: Jhohnny Ariel S. Orar

5th: Climaco Tejano Sr.


Power Enduro

1st: Timoy Olmoguis

2nd: Ken-Ken Cabiesos

3rd: Paul L. Janolino

4th: Salmer Longakit

5th: Michael Van S. Carpio


Underbone Stock

1st: Roniel S. Valledor

2nd: Rex C. Ga-as

3rd: Kirby Alona

4th: Richly M. Adelante

5th: Dickeenson “Long-Long” A. Tautu-an


Underbone Open

1st: Roniel S. Valledor

2nd: Rex C. Ga-as

3rd: Kirby Alona

4th: Jhonel D. Ejas

5th: Richly M. Adelante


Mini Class

1st: Niňo P. Maňacap

2nd: Shayne C. Demata

3rd: Loni Jay V. Nougoy

4th: Susie E. Mangarang

5th: Eva Jane V. Bangona



1st: Philip Angelo P. Leonardo

2nd: Coco C. Dimaano

3rd: Charl Bandigan

4th: Niňo P. Maňacap

5th: JV E. Lim


65 CC

1st: G-Boy C. Carlos


3rd: Shayne C. Dimata



1st: Susie E. Magarang

2nd: Eva Jean Bangona

3rd: Licah Pepito

4th: Liah Acutam

5th: Queen-Queen D. Geverola



1st: Nicarter A. Gillera

2nd: Stanley T. Nuňeza

3rd: Dodoy Bandigan

4th: Daryl E. Pepito

5th: Paul L. Janolino

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