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More than 300 applicants to undergo Study and Work in Japan Program


More than 300 applicants to undergo Study and Work in Japan Program

Japan has recently opened its gates to workers from other countries to help its graying population and to address its dwindling labour force. 2nd District Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta-Dimaporo initiated the Study and Work Program in Japan with over 300 applicants that poured over MCC Hotel Gazebo.

It is a two-day event from March 14-15, 2017 the first day will be the orientation and the second interview for the program, the activity began around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

The Organizations involved in the orientation are Waseda Edu. Japanese School represented by Masakazu Onda, Global Professional Services President Tetsuya Naka, Visa Consultancy Services Gen. Manager Leandro Ponce III, Erlinda Isomura IPS Professional Services Manager and Marina Asano as the interpreter.

Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo fully supports the program and imparted a message to the applicants – “kini dako kayo ni na oportunidad kaninyo kay kining para makatabang dili lang sa atong kaugalingon apan sa ato sab nga pamilya”.

This program will support our fellow Filipinos that want to work in the “land of the rising sun” JAPAN the applicants will undergo a one-year study of the Japanese language “nihongo” in Waseda Edu. Japanese Language School and work part-time with the minimum wage of four-hundred pesos per hour.

Filipinos are mostly sought out when there is a hiring for jobs in oversees given the skill Filipinos as hospitable and very diligent in their work. Japan is looking Students, Education, Graduates, IT Practitioners, Nursing Aides and Caregivers.

With this program studying or working in Japan has never been easy, applicants that participated in this program will have an increased value as an employee or individual in a global scale, opportunity to do business with international clients either for employment or business purposes and higher opportunity to become successful in terms of financial or educational success. PIO-LDN


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