Name of MCC Facility


Gymnasium3,500 Fixed Plastic Chairs
1,000 movable plastic Chairs with Wooden-tiled Federacion Internationale de Basketball standard court, 4-dug out for players, 1-dressing room (aircon), and 2-commissioners’ room, and 14 comfort rooms
Main StadiumMain Bleacher: Estimated Setting capacity: 5,000 persons; 2-function halls with 6 comfort rooms;
2-big rooms (Aircon); 1-small (aircon), and 2-big rooms (wit out aircon) at basement; 3-office room size, locker rooms, 1-VIP viewing  deck with comfort room, 1-control room with comfort room, 1-media room with comfort room, 6 comfort rooms at ground floor, and 6 comfort rooms at basement area

Fitness Gym


Complete fitness equipment


400-meter rubberized oval, 2-long jumps, 1-pull vault, 1-practice track, and 2-bleachers with a of capacity 200 persons/bleacher, javelin throw, discuss throw, shoot put, and soccer football field


Outdoor Basketball Courts


2-Hard Courts


Out Door Volley Ball Courts


2-Hard Courts


Tennis Court Center


4-Asphalt cemented courts, and 1-hard court for championship with seven (7) bleachers, and  8 Officiating sheds.


Locker Room Building


6 Comfort Rooms and 4 Locker Rooms


Media Center


1 Exhibit Hall, 2 Big Office Rooms with Aircon, and 2 Small Office Rooms with Aircon, 3 Comfort Rooms


Swimming Pool


1 Olympic Size and Warm Up Pool, Filter Room, Officiating Sheds, and Four Bleachers




1 Canteen Center with Comfort Room


Public Toilet


Male and Female Room


Service Center


1 Duplex Service Center with Comfort Room


Power House Building


1 Powerhouse Building


Baseball Field


1-Little League and 1 Junior League Size




1 Junior League Size




1 International Field


Elevated Reservoir


2 Elevated Reservoirs with 20-hp Electric Motor and a capacity of 250 cubic meters per water tank


Motocross Race Track


1 International Race Track


Garbage Buildings


1 Dry Garbage and 1 Wet Garbage


Sludge Pond


1 Sludge Pond


Parking Area


Approximately 1 Hectare Parking Space


Road network


Asphalted Road Network with concrete pathways


Guard House


Concrete Guard House with Comfort Room


Perimeter Fence


Entire MCC Compound



Rental Rates
DaytimeNigth time
MCC Main GymP15,000.00
with sound P25,000.00
with sound P35,000.00
(6:00pm to 12:00 mn)
MCC Gym Side RoomsP 1,000.00/room
(without sound system)
Swimming PoolP3,000.00 package
P5,000.00 package
CottageP 50.00P100.00
Stadium Function HallsP3,000.00/hallProposed
Stadium Main Bleacher/OvalP10,000.00/day
(without sound system)
Oval (jogging)P25.00 per head


Stadium Basement’s Rooms
1 Big Room with aircon (15 double decks)P1,800.00 (Proposed)
1 Medium Room with aircon  (11 double decks)P1,400.00 (Proposed)
1 Small Room with aircon (7 double decks)P1,000.00 (Proposed)
2 Medium Rooms w/out aircon (11 double decks)P1,100.00 (Proposed)
1 Very Small Room w/out aircon (2 double decks)P300.00 (Proposed)
1 Open Space Room w/out aircon (38 double decks)P100.00/deck  (Proposed)
MCC Outdoor Basketball CourtsP300.00 (8:00AM to 6:00PM)
MCC Outdoor Volleyball CourtsP300.00 (8:00AM to 6:00PM)
Lawn Tennis CourtP100.00/game
Fitness GymTo be Arranged



Secure Signed Reservation Form either at PRMC or MCC Office at MCC Sports Complex, Sagadan Tubod, Lanao del Norte

Seek approval by the Provincial Administrator

Fifty percent down payment of the total Rental Rate will be collected upon booking, the balance will be settled on or before the actual use of the booked facility

For more details call PRMC with telephone number (063) 341-5471, local 127, 124, 125 or  MCC (063) 341-5804



Sagadan, Tubod, Lanao del Norte


Contact Person

Gemma A. Harun
Acting PRMC Head
Tel. No. 063 341-5174
Mobile No. 09287590585


Monaderio A. Banding
Tel. No. 063-341-5804
Mobile No. 09083332990