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Lanao del Norte Peaceful, Concerned on Marawi City Crisis.

Tubod, Lanao del Norte-Members of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) held an emergency meeting yesterday (May 25, 2017) to discuss the peace and order situation of the province and to present updates on the current crisis in Marawi City.

Provincial Governor of Lanao del Norte, Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo chaired the meeting together with 2nd District Representative Abdullah Dimakuta-Dimaporo.

Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, Officials of the Department of Interior and Local Government, Board Members of the Province and all Municipal Mayors were present to support the effort of the Provincial Government and the President of the Philippines to intensify security measures in the province, especially on areas where it borders the Province of Lanao del Sur.

Board Members and Municipal Mayors expressed their support to the operations conducted by the military around the province so as not to spill the conflict in their areas. Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo asked the Armed Forces and the PNP organization to conduct regular check-up along the highways and particularly the roads in the hinterland areas that connects Lanao del Norte to Lanao del Sur.

2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta-Dimaporo clarifies that Tablighs are religious persons and will never be part of any terrorist group. “Tabligh is an advocacy for Islam, Islam will never tolerate terrorism, according to our Holy Qur’an, if you are killing one person, it is equivalent to killing all population of the world that is how heavy the penalty is. The Maute’s are killing people without any reasons. They can never be a Muslim”, these are the strong words of Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta-Dimaporo.

Upon arriving from Russia, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte sends his message to the Maute group that he is ready to talk for a peaceful resolution in this conflict by first laying down their weapons. The President is also open to use the might of the Armed Forces of the Philippines if this terrorist group defies his appeal.

Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo requested all Municipal Mayors to alert also the Barangays under them for not all these areas has the presence of military or PNP personnel. Congressman Dimaporo added that the military have given their contact numbers to the LGUs with this he has emphasized to local executive officials to assist the military by providing necessary information that could help prevent lawless elements seeking shelter in Lanao del Norte.

Major Conmigo of the Philippine Army is asking the people of the province to stay calm and not to believe in news posted on social media without being verified by the military. He is hoping that the crisis in Lanao del Sur particularly in Marawi City be resolve immediately and ensured the people that the military is doing the best they can to prevent this terrorist group enters the peaceful Province of Lanao del Norte.

The Maute group that is occupying some areas in Marawi City has been contained and can no longer freely move from place to place according to Major Conmigo. The Armed Forces of the Philippines is very careful in handling the situation for their utmost priority is the safety of the civilians who are still trapped inside their houses.

Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta-Dimaporo suggested to the Provincial Peace and Order Council to recommend to the Heads of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police Organization and even to the President of the Republic to look into the intelligence system in handling of vital information regarding national security.

Philippine National Police presented the chronological events that took place on May 23 in Marawi City, the day that Maute group attacked. Allegedly 450 members of ISIS inspired terrorist took advantage of the Juhore Ijtema conducted by the Tabligh to enter the city of Marawi, at 5:00 pm, a flag that symbolizes the terrorist group ISIS was raised in the Amai Pak Pak Medical Center grounds, the group also took control of the City Jail, Philhealth Office, Landbank and some residence in the area.

Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta-Dimaporo was interviewed by Country Side News Channel of the Province of Lanao del Norte, calling all Christians and Muslims to unite and protect each other. The situation in Marawi City is under control by the Armed Forces. The Congressman ensures the people of Lanao del Norte not to fear or panic for the Provincial Government is working closely with the military and PNP to make the province safe. He also made clear that this is not a conflict between Muslims and Christians. Congressman Dimaporo asked the Maute group to spare innocent civilians who does not join and sympathize with them.

In this emergency meeting of the PPOC, DILG of the province released a copy of the three (3) unofficial title of the resolutions that was created during the council’s meeting in Macapagal Training Center, Pigcarangan, Tubod, Lanao del Norte;

Resolution No.01, Series of 2017

A resolution requesting the Philippine National Police Regional Director of Region 10 and the Regional Peace and Order Council Chairperson to Compliment the number of personnel assigned to Provincial Public Safety Company of Lanao del Norte to the minimum strength of 169 PPSC personnel”.

Resolution No.02, Series of 2017

A resolution supporting the declaration of Martial Law by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte”.

Resolution No.03, Series of 2017

A resolution requesting the Municipal Mayors of 22 Municipalities to provide the number of Madrasah present in their municipality, name of the Madrasah, location, name of the head of the Madrasah and contact number for future engagement with the Department of Education”. PIO-LDN

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