hudyaka-kinhason-festivalOne of the places in the coastal area that was attractive to the migrants was Bacolod due to the presence of a teeming supply of fish and most of all vast shore area that has an abundant source of various seashells. They first planted corn as staple food, then bananas and root crops as a source of survival during pioneering years. The later on diversified to coffee and coconut farming. It was the culture of the settlers that every time makes a bountiful harvest ; they give thanks to the Lord through street dancing. This is an outpouring of joy and merrymaking. They Dance around the barrio with colorful costumes decorated with seashells locally known as Kinhason. In the local parliance, they call this kind of merrymaking as Hudyaka,where people go frolicking, gamboling, and leaping, prancing,cavorting, capering and frisking thanking the Almighty Father who is the source of their bounty. Thus, the nameYAKA KINHASON was coined. The festival has been institutionalized as a yearly affair in conjunction with the annual town fiesta in honor of Senior Santo Nino and Local Tourism Month held every 16th day of January.