kalilangThe Municipality of Nunungan,Lanao del Norte in its attempts to propagate the indigenous culture of the Maranaws of Lanao symbolized the Maranaw Kalilang as their highlights of their Founding Anniversary on every 30th of June.Kalilang is a Maranaw term for feast, where the concituents of the twenty five ( 25) barangays celebrate such feast by preparing their own native foods and delicacies, putting colorful bunting and flag lets on the street and the most and highly anticipated one is the showdown playing of kolintang, rituals and entertainment dances performed and participated by the 25 barangays. Kolintang is a Mararaw instrument composed of eight small gongs with different sizes which usually played by women showing her skills in playing Kolintang artistically, accompanies by a pair of agong (gongs), Debakan (drum) and the Babendir (small gongs) for synchronizations of Kolintang orchestra. The municipality of Nunungan organized their own cultural troupe to entertain guests and visitors to the place and the entire province as a whole to promote and show how they preserve their indigenous and colorful culture of the place.