kaumahanRICE IS LIFE. For more than half of humanity, it is the grain that has shaped that diet, culture and economics of billions of people around the world. For them, life without rice is simply unthinkable. Rice product, recipes, rituals and festivals have great significance  in the country’s cultural heritage. They are likewise, interwoven  into dances, folk songs, poetry and paintings.Comes the Kahumayan Festival, the feast that is celebrated by the Kapataguenos in honor of the staple that has enriched thousands of lives particularly in kapatagan Valley vicinity. In Asia, 60 to 70 percent of the over two billion people depend in rice, while in the Philippines, it is 85 % of the population. So, it is suffice to say that without rice, we become less of a Filipino. The three –dat festival is a tribute to the rice farmers, who are undoubtedly the most important part of the country’s national food security, the event also highlights the importance of rice, and engaged the participation of individuals and organization in the attainment of the celebration’s goal, which is to improve production and access to rice. A showcase of these various rice products is the highlight of the event wherein local folks provide a taste of their own rice recipes. Rice farmers are now turning to tourism for that additional income by selling their rice products to visitors. Some of the local produce is budbud,biko,bingka,espasol, palitao, puto, kalamay, and arroz valenciana, likened to the Spanishdish” paella”. The celebration will be  every 5th of July at Kapatagan Cultural Center.