hugyawThe Municipality of Kauswagan  is famous for its abundance in coastal resources such as fresh fish and shells. This is what brought interest to the business sector engaging in food, shell craft and other industries. They eventually conceptualized and innovative and creative activity to educate fisher folk and stimulate interest in the preservation of their marine resources as well as sustain the biodiversity in the coastal waters of Kauswagan. Thus, HUGYAW SA KADAGATAN FESTIVAL was conceived and aptly celebrated by the seas. The Hugyaw sa Kadagatan festival is Kauswagenues local thanksgiving to the Gods for a bountiful harvest of the sea. Among the various activities are Fluvial Parade of Floats contest ( floats made of bamboo rafts are tagged by pump-boats) with presentation ( street dancing ) by each barangay on the rafts. Other activities include slogan an poster making contests. The festival coincides with the week-long celebration of Kauswagan’s Town Fiesta and Foundation Day, during 14th day of April.