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Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo Reminds All to be Vigilant and Cooperative

Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo talks to employees of the Provincial Government

Tubod, Lanao del Norte – Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo started the week by leading the flag ceremony together with the provincial employees in front of Governor Arsenio A. Quibranza Provincial Government Center Monday morning.

Before addressing the employees regarding the security status of the province, first the Governor personally cleared the rumour circulating regarding her health and told them not to worry. She is fine and healthy, the Governor said. “My heart rate is normal according to my cardiologist in Manila”, as she have undergone medical check-up lately in the nation’s capital. The doctor said she is just under stress and the pain that the Governor is feeling at the back of her chest is only a pinched nerve. Governor Imelda said that she is happy about her job, and nothing can stop her to serve the people, she loves to be in the Provincial Capitol serving the people of the province and working with the employees.

On matters of the peace and order of the province, so far it is peaceful. Governor Imelda reminds once again the people to be vigilant and cooperative towards the efforts of the military and PNP. “All that they are doing in the checkpoints are for our own safety, we should cooperate on all the things that they are asking, such as ID’s and if possible you have extra food on you, please share it with them (PNP/Military)”, said the kind hearted Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo.

The Provincial Government is at all times coordinating with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police and to all Chief Executives of the local government units of the Province of Lanao del Norte. The Governor also made mention that recently 16 families from Ramain, Lanao del Sur is now seeking shelter in the Municipality of Tubod. Mayor Lencio Bagol informed Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo and 2nd District Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta Dimaporo, in which the two Provincial Executives made time to welcome the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Province of Lanao del Norte and had a dinner with them to celebrate the Plapis (Dinner after a day of fasting). Governor Imelda and Cong. Abdullah had a chance to talk to one of the head of the families from Ramain who narrated their story on how they have escaped and travelled for 17 hours using a pedicab (tricycle taxi) to reach the peaceful Province of Lanao del Norte.

The Provincial Government is planning to relocate the displaced families to another location that is convenient and comfortable, for now these families are living inside Tubod Cultural Center.

In addition, the Governor reminded the provincial employees to be alert in their respective communities and report unusual persons in their place to the PNP, Military or local officials in their area. PIO-LDN

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