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Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo Leads GAWAD Kalinga in Nunungan

Ribbon Cutting of Two Classrooms: Gov. Angging, Cong. Abdullah, Brig. Gen. Alunday & Mayor Marcos Mamay.

The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte joins Gawad Kalinga in the Municipality of Nunungan, Lanao del Norte and Inauguration & Turn-over Ceremony of Local Provincial Government Unit Project of One Storey-Two Classroom Building. Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo left the capital of the province (Tubod) early morning to travel towards Nunungan, a 46.3km apart to be with the people of the municipality. 2nd District Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta-Dimaporo accompanied the Governor together with the men and women of the Provincial Community Affairs Division, headed by Lyndon G. Calica.

Mayor Marcos Mamay of the Municipality of Nunungan is delighted to welcome all the guests especially the Governor, the Congressman and the Commander of the 2nd Mechanized Brigade, Brigadier General William Alunday in spite of their hectic schedules.

Congressman Bobby Dimaporo appeals to all his relatives and friends in the municipality to be at all times vigilant and cooperate with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police. The Congressman encouraged the residents not to accept any ISIS or Maute members to seek shelter in the area. The AFP or PNP will not succeed in their campaign against the local terrorist or ending illegal drugs if the people will do nothing to support the government. Residents play a vital role in sustaining the peace and order of their community. “The Destruction that happened in our Marawi is because of some residents who were just ignoring the wrong doings of this terrorist group”, the Congressman said in Maranao dialect.

The military and the police will not attack Marawi if the Maute or ISIS did not siege the city. The Maute allowed themselves to be used by non-Maranao tribe to bring destruction to the place. And this terrorist even brought foreign nationalities like Indonesians and Malaysians to push their un-Islamic ideology in the Province of Lanao del Sur particularly in Marawi City.

The terrorist were so prepared that the AFP has to use the Air Force to bomb the place to neutralize the enemy. The Armed Forces has no choice for the weapons used by the terrorist matched or even superior than the military. According to the Congressman, residents must report to the Military, to Police or to Mayor Marcos Mamai any suspicious men lurking in the area.

Mayor Marcos Mamay reiterates the appeal of Congressman Bobby Dimaporo. He is proud to say that the Municipality of Nunungan remains peaceful in spite of the crisis in Marawi. The Municipal Mayor is committed to maintain the peace and order of the Province of Lanao del Norte. Once a PMA cadet he remains to his oath to serve the country and this time outside the military by bringing development to his town for the good of the people of Nunungan by keeping it safe and secure in partnership with the AFP and PNP.

Mayor Mamay picked a quote from Mahatma Ghandi, “Development is the language of Peace”, and the Mayor continued to say that “there is no peace, when there is no development; and likewise there is no development, when there is no peace”.

The Municipal Mayor is giving importance to the development of the youth of the municipality; a Youth Leadership Summit was also held on the same day. Peace and Order is the advocacy of Mayor Marcos Mamay. The Mayor thanked Provincial Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo, 2nd District Representative, Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta Dimaporo for the continuous support extended to him, and to all the residents of Nunungan “for without your support, I will not be here” said the Mayor.

Governor Angging acknowledged the effort of Mayor Marcos Mamay in keeping the peace and order in the Municipality of Nunungan. Even though the Mayor was not included in their political ticket last year’s election, he still carries the banner of the Quibranza-Dimaporo and made an allegiance with the humble and dedicated leaders of the Province of Lanao del Norte after winning the election. “Mayor Mamay did this for the people of Nunungan” said the Governor.

The Governor was proud that Brigadier General William Alunday initiated the Kalinga sa Bayan ng Nunungan. Gawad Kalinga was seen by the Governor as an organization that concerns in upholding the family values of each family in the community. The Governor is hoping to see the group more often in implementing programs especially in Sapad where Mayor Paruk U. Asis personally accompanied them. “We will build more houses in Sapad” the Governor addressed the organization. Governor Angging also recognized the important contribution of former Vice Governor Irma Ali in making this project a reality.

Armed Forces of the Philippines Lt. Col. Ericsson Rosana as well was thanked by the Governor for the continuous partnership in every Especial Mass Based Program (EMBP)-Bringing the Government Closer to the People in coordination with the Provincial Philippine National Police through PS Supt. Leopoldo Cabanag.

Barangay Chairman of Masibay, Hadja Bae Sittie Aminah Bayao was personally thanked by Governor Angging for the support during the last election same with Association of Barangay Council President Mamat T. Manamparan. A High School Annex will soon rise in Barangay Masibay for the students of the Barangay and nearby areas. This high school extension is one of the projects that the Governor requested to Senate President Koko Pimentel and Senator Sonny Angara when the two gentlemen asked Governor Angging of what the Province of Lanao del Norte needs. “Education is essential for our community to prosper and it also helps discourage the youth from joining organizations that can bring them to harm”, cites the Governor.

The Municipal Government of Nunungan plans to transfer the seat of government in Barangay Masibay where Governor Angging support the move but requested Mayor Mamay not to totally abandon the old municipal and preserve it where the lake is situated. Before, when the Governor visited the place she walked for almost three hours to reach the spot. The Governor is considering this as a tourist destination in the near future for the province. According to Former Mayor Abdulmalik Manamparan the late Governor Arsenio A. Quibranza is the only Governor who climbed the steep mound to personally see the beautiful lake.

Governor Angging also requested the Mayor to create an ordinance ordering all residents to incorporate authentic Maranao designs to their houses. In this way the province can proudly showcase the ingenuity of the Maranao people.

In relation to the road linking Sapad to Nunungan, the Governor mentioned that the Sangguniang Panlalawigan passed a resolution to Congressman Abdullah to convert it from a provincial highway into a national highway; to make the road maintenance be under the Department of Public Works and Highways. After the concreting of the roads in Sultan Naga Dimaporo (SND), Congressman Abdullah will then focus the road concreting project from the Municipality of Sapad passing Nunungan down to the Municipality of SND.

In addition, Governor Angging encouraged the farmers to organize themselves and form a cooperative to avail the government’s funding for their sustainable livelihood.

Before ending her message, Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo reminds the people of Nunungan not to allow any terrorist or Maute to come and influence some to destroy the Peace and Order of the province. The slogan “Unity for Peace and Development” is for all the residents of the Province of Lanao del Norte.

Brigadier General William Alunday presents three questions addressing the youth of what they can do to help prosper their community. First is to stay away from people or groups that uses the youth for their own interest by feeding them wrong information in order to use arms and fight for their rights; Second; is not to involve in illegal drugs and just waste the life that God has given instead use it for the good of your future and build a family that is loving and caring; and third, poverty is not a reason for us not to be productive citizens. If there is chaos and illegal drugs so does poverty. The youth should fight against this illegal drugs and prevent any disorder in the community for us to prosper. If the first two will be attained by the youth then the community will be prosperous where various livelihood opportunities will come in for the betterment of all the residents of the society. PIO-LDN

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