giniakanThe word Gini-akan comes from the root word “ gi- ok”, which means a way of molding clay into beautiful jars, pots and other earthern wares. The town of Baroy is blessed with rich deposit of clay, a raw material used for pottery of exellent quality (classed as class A). Combined with unique artistry, the town is now well- known for its booming ceramics industry. To celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of the people in the art of making pottery, Gini-Akan festival is held every 21st day of January during the town’s annual fiesta celebration in honor of Patron Saint Senor Sto.Nino. The festival is a display of color, culture and galamour rolled into one,showcasing the excellence of making clay products as the town’s very unique pride. With the grandeur of the Gini-Akan Festival, the locals of Baroy have more reasons to celebrate each year, making the town of Baroy truly deserving to be called the Clay Town of the province of Lanao del Norte.