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Enhancement Training for High School Teachers of LDN

Enhancement Training for High School Teachers of LDN.

The culmination of the Enhancement Training for High School Teachers happened on June 17, 2017 at Lanao Norte National Comprehensive High School in Baroy. The Enhancement Training started last May 13 of this year, where 168 high school teachers participated in specializing the four subject areas; Mathematics, Science, English, and Research.

2nd District Representative of Lanao del Norte, Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo attended the culmination to personally talk to the teachers and Officials of the Department of Education to emphasize that this Enhancement Training is for the future generations of Lanao del Norte. Trainings such as this are necessary in order to improve the educational system of public schools by encouraging public school teachers to be active in taking part on programs that will enhance the skills and methods of teaching. In this program the goal is to produce highly equipped and skilled teachers to provide quality education for the elementary and high school students of the Province.

Congressman Abdullah started by saying, “I do not know if you know the results of the National Achievement Test in your respective school and we intend to look into the quality of our education that not only we teach our students how to speak Tagalog, English or how to do answer one plus one or know the meaning of good morning. I hope you will accept as your success not only the graduation of your students but also their success in life. I hope you will feel how wrong you maybe or how sorry you are when you heard that one of your students cannot find a job. I think you should shoulder a very big responsibility in the development of our province and of course of our country. You are developing the future of our country in your classes”.

2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo stands as the father of the Province, like all fathers do he is concern of the future of his children. The Congressman wants all public school teachers to be well equipped and skilled enough before imparting knowledge to their students. This is a challenge that the Department of Education of Lanao del Norte have positively accepted.

Congressman Abdullah commences programs that give opportunities to individuals by creating programs and projects that help alleviate the financial conditions of the people. As of the moment there are more than 20,000 individuals who have availed the scholarship programs through the combined initiatives of the two Congressional Districts and the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte.

The Enhancement Training for High School Teachers of Lanao del Norte is a concerted effort of Provincial Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo, 1st District Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza-Dimaporo , and 2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo, The Department of Education-Schools Division Superintendent Emmalinda E. Duhaylungsod and the Philippine Science High School headed by Lorvi B. Pagorogon.

This program is in line with the goal of the Inclusive Growth Plan (IGP) and it is a development intervention to prepare students from elementary to qualify to any entrance examination providing scholarship from prestige high schools preferably the Philippine Science High School. PIO-LDN

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