Lanao del Norte



A competent and proactive partner rendering customer-friendly and quality human resource services with the highest level of professionalism.


1. To spearhead the empowerment of employees in partnership with other offices; and

2. To ensure the provision of responsive human resource services strengthening employees’ commitment to public service.

3. We are guided by the core values of integrity, teamwork and excellent service.


1. Promotes and enhance the development of human resources in the provincial government through proper planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling of activities related to development, motivation and compensation of employees to achieve organizational goals;

2. Facilitates transformation of Human Resource from transactional to strategic office responsive to the needs of the people (employees/clients) and the organization as a whole;

3. Facilitates all personnel actions in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations as well as policies, guidelines and standards that the Civil Service Commission may establish;

4. Provides technical assistance in the formulation, establishment and implementation of the progressive Human Resource Management and Development Plan (HRMDP);

5. Develops and manages competencies of employees through trainings and job skills for effective and efficient performance;

6. Maintains an updated personnel records of all personnel in the agency;

7. Establishes an effective and efficient systems and procedures;

8. Facilitates competency enhancement of its workforce;

9. Establishes, recommends and maintains a Human Resource Systems;

10. Establishes linkage, facilitates and coordinates and builds collaboration with and among departments, NGOs and GOs relating to Human Resource matters, and

11. Performs such other related functions that the Provincial Governor and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan may prescribe.