Provincial Tourism Office


A department of competent staff, equipped with advance technology rendering quality service in a conducive environment promoting Lanao del Norte as one of the major tourists destinations in the country.


The Tourism Office commits to promote Lanao del Norte to become one of the major tourist destinations in the country by managing tourism related activities and showcasing diverse culture in partnership with private and public stakeholders; we are guided by the values of excellent service, patience, perseverance and integrity.


  • Formulate plans, programs and projects for the development of the tourism industry in Accordance with the policies set by the Department of Tourism and Local Government Unit.
  • Prescribe programs to encourage private sector investment and participation in tourism activities and projects.
  • Promote the protection, maintenance, preservation and conservation of historical, cultural and natural assets tourist attractions in partnership with the appropriate government agencies or with the private sectors or with the owners of said assets or attractions.
  • Compile and integrate statistical data bank of the tourism industry of the province.
  • Undertake research studies and surveys for the continuing analysis of economic conditions and trends and relating to tourism and travel.
  • Represent the province in all such conferences and meetings concerning tourist and travel and discharge such responsibilities of the Provincial Government as may arise from treaties, agreements and other commitments or tourist and travel to which it is signatory.
  • Organize and institute tourism related events and activities for the province.
  • Conduct orientation, trainings or workshops for the enhancement and promotion of tourism development.
  • Extend technical assistance to MTOs in management of municipal tourism projects and other related programs.
  • Coordinate and provide technical support for tourism and cultural events and related activities such as cultural festivals, competitions, lectures for and exhibits.
  • Perform such other tasks that the Local Chief Executive may assign to further enhance the tourism industry in the province.