PPDO is a dynamic organization of competent staff with holistic and strategic thinking, managing development with integrity and professionalism


“The PPDO is dedicated to…

  • Influence development partners in achieving results-oriented and people participated development planning process, and;
  • Formulate policy-based integrated and comprehensive development plans with the highest degree of excellence and teamwork


Provide overall supervision and coordination of planning and development efforts of the PGLDN.


  1. Formulate integrated development plans and policies
  2. Conduct continuing studies, researches and trainings
  3. Integrate and coordinate all sectoral plans and programs
  4. Monitor and evaluate PPAs, department’s and LGUs performance
  5. Prepare comprehensive and other development plans
  6. Formulate and recommend fiscal plans and policies
  7. Promote people participation
  8. Provide secretariat support to Provincial Development Council/LSB
  9. Develop and maintain MIS