A competent health professionals, delivering quality promotive  and preventive health care services, working in a conducive environment and with a comprehensive health information system for better health outcomes.


We, at the Provincial Health Office, are dedicated to provide preventive, curative health care services & promote good health to all constituents of Lanao del Norte through implementing programs & policies, responding to disasters & health emergencies, and generating networks on health care delivery geared towards a healthy community.


  1. Assist in the formulation & implementation of policies plans programs and projects to promote the health of the people of Lanao del Norte.
  2. Execute and enforce all laws, ordinances and regulations relating public health
  3. Conduct health information campaign and render health intelligence services
  4. Coordinate with other government agencies and non-government organization involved in the promotion and delivery of health services.
  5. Frontline in the delivery of health services particularly during and in aftermath of man-made and natural disaster and calamities.
  6. Exercise general monitoring and supervision overall municipal health offices, public & private hospitals
  7. Exercise such other powers and performs other duties and functions as maybe prescribe.