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58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte Radiates Unity, Respect, and Understanding

58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte Radiates Unity, Respect, and Understanding

The culmination of the weeklong celebration of the 58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte ends with great applause and cheer from the people of the province. The celebration started on June 28 and concluded on July 4, 2017. ENVIRONMENT DAY kicked off the celebration in Mt. Torong-Torong in Pigcarangan, Tubod where hundreds of government employees and residents assembled to commemorate this important event in doing our fair share as responsible citizens caring for the environment.

Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo and 2nd District Representative, Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta Dimaporo lead the tree planting activity after giving recognition and appreciation to a number of partner government agencies, private companies and individual recipients. On this day, fifteen lovely candidates for Miss Lanao del Norte 2017 was formally introduced before proceeding to the peak of Mt. Torong-Torong for the tree planting program. The site is breathtaking as the scenic view of Panguil Bay will give you serenity perfect for religious retreat and family picnic.

YOUTH DAY was then celebrated on the second day. Activities were organized to give importance to the young generation of the province. Cheerdance and Hip Hop competition was held inside the Mindanao Civic Center (MCC) Gymnasium performing alternately in the same event. It makes you proud that at their young age these youth performed the cheerdance routines and gymnastic stunts like professionals. Congressman Bobby was so impressed that he encouraged these youth to continue what they are doing and maybe someday we can send our own delegates to compete in the national level. Lanao del Norte National Comprehensive High School-Wildcats won the cheerdance competition while 3D Movers of Tubod impressed the crowd and the judges to win the Hip-Hop dance competition.

On June 30, third day of the weeklong festivity, farmers and fishermen of the province were given time to be recognized for their significant contributions to the development and progress of Lanao del Norte. The economy of the province relies mostly in agriculture and fishing through this the Provincial Government created AGRI-AQUA, LIVESTOCK and OTOP Fair to showcase the farmers’ agricultural and livestock products, and the fishing products of the province. The two Congressional Districts of Lanao del Norte, 1st District Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza-Dimaporo and 2nd District Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta Dimaporo in partnership with the Provincial Administration of Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo provided 300 fiberglass fishing boats for the fishermen of the two district, from the municipality of Linamon down to Sultan Naga Dimaporo. Hard working Municipal Mayors was given farm equipments at no cost to support their local farmers. The Provincial head of the Agricultural Training Institute revealed that more and more training sites have been built in the province. 16 Municipalities filled their booths with agricultural products such as eggplants, bitter gourd, tomatoes, bell pepper, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, pumpkins and so many more. Engineer Christopher B. Morales, Chief Field Programs Planning Division of the Department of Agriculture was so amazed to see how abundant the Province of Lanao del Norte is with agricultural and fishing products. He promised that he will ask DA Secretary Emmanuel F. Piňol to visit the Province of Lanao del Norte. Governor Angging and the two District Congressmen are hopeful that the good DA Secretary will one day come and visit “The Land of Beauty and Bounty”.

In the afternoon of the same day, Drum and Lyre competition was scheduled in Mindanao Civic Center-Football Field. Parents, classmates, friends and spectators gathered on the grandstand and witnessed the students from various schools of the province execute their well choreograph performance. Lala National High School won the competition for high school category and the Pigcarangan Elementary School bagged the title for elementary category. There was also a painting contest held inside the Media Center where artists around the province displayed their artwork featuring the peaceful and united people of Lanao del Norte.

July 1 (Saturday-Sports Day) scheduled for Unity Run. This fun run activity was made to show solidarity of the Christians and Muslims of the province to the victims of Marawi conflict. The proceeds of the Unity Run will be given directly to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are taking shelter in the peaceful Province of Lanao del Norte. This activity was organised by Ms. Sittie Aminah Quibranza-Dimaporo in her own little way can provide additional assistance to the victims’ current financial situations. Ms. Sittie Aminah, currently the Executive Assistant to the Office of the Provincial Governor, was so happy to see the overflowing support coming from the different sectors to her advocacy. This just to show how united the people of Lanao del Norte is, Muslims and Christians work together for a common cause. Zumbathon immediately followed after the fun run. All ages dance to the beat while imitating the dance moves of the instructors. Various sports activities were also scheduled on this day. The Municipality of Linamon won the 8th Governor’s Cup Lawn Tennis Tournament followed by the municipalities of Baroy, Tubod and Kolambugan as first, second and third runner-up respectively.

The two day invitational football tournament also started on this day where teams from Tangub, Iligan, Baroy and other areas registered to participate in the competition. Board Member Abdul Harris Ali took a time-off to show his athletic side by playing as goal keeper for the team “Ba-o Breakers”. Basketball Tournament and Volleyball (Men & Women) was also played in the front of the grandstand of MCC. Boxing Match was organized for the future boxers of the province. The entertainment part comes in when two gay boxers entered the ring and fought each other in a friendly match just to amuse the crowd.

The long-awaited Motocross competition brought the crowd to its feet as the riders make moves that defy gravity. This extreme sport of motocross racing makes your heart pounding like you can almost hear it. The people really enjoyed the race. Governor Angging thanked the participants of the motocross competition who have come from other regions just to join in the celebration of the 58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte. The lady Governor reveals her plan that an international motocross competition will be happening before the end of this year. Edol Sanes, event organizer expressed his gratitude to the Provincial Government for bringing back the sport in Lanao del Norte, the Motocross Capital of the Philippines.

It was also on this day that the dress rehearsal for Miss Lanao del Norte 2017 was conducted. The Provincial Tourism Office and the Office of the Information and Communications Technology worked together in preparation for the beauty pageant inside the MCC Gymnasium.

On July 2, the famous Sagayan Festival, War Dance of the Maranao people is celebrated yearly during TOURISM DAY of the Araw ng Lanao del Norte. The Province of Lanao del Norte is rich in culture and tradition due to its united inhabitants composed of Maranaos, Cebuanos, Chabacanos, Yakan, Tausugs and Sama-Bajau. Sagayan is only one of the various festivals that Lanao del Norte is celebrating. This year and in 2016 the province has won the Free Interpretation Category in Cebu Sinulog Festival and it also bagged the Best in Musicality.

Circuit racing was held at Agora complex across Mindanao Civic Center in Sagadan, Tubod. Motorcycle enthusiasts crowded the area to see these adrenaline junkies battle their way towards the finish line by manoeuvring the steep corners neck and neck with each other. This sport is not for the faint hearted, it needs a lot of practice to master the different techniques of circuit racing.

The most anticipated beauty pageant every year for the Province of Lanao del Norte is the search for Miss Lanao del Norte. And this year, 15 lovely candidates flaunt not just only their beauty but as well their intelligence in answering questions thrown at them. The intricate gown design that these candidates are wearing representing the festival of their respective municipalities complements the natural beauty that they possess. This search is just a proof that indeed the Province of Lanao del Norte is “The Land of Beauty and Bounty”. Miss Bacolod, Faith Chariza C. Lapinig won the prestigious title as Miss Lanao del Norte 2017.

On PEOPLE’S DAY, hundreds of constituents gathered inside the MCC Gymnasium to avail the free services offered by the Provincial Government, National Government Agencies and Non-Government Organizations. “Lanao del Norte Serbisyo Segurado” is in tune with the programs of Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo in Bringing the Government Closer to the People. Governor Angging continuously provides free basic services to the less fortunate brothers and sisters in Lanao del Norte through her program Especial Mass Based Program or EMBP. The Provincial Health Office provided free medical and dental check-up and also mass feeding program has been organized by the said office. Free medicines were then given by the PHO staff upon presenting the prescription scribed by the physician. Free Legal Services was also provided by the Provincial Legal Office such as Drafting of Affidavits, Drafting of Deed of Sale, Drafting of Special Power of Attorney, and other basic legal services. Other participating groups or organizations treated the children with ice creams, sweet fruit drinks and arroz caldo. Governor Angging and Congressman Bobby toured the place to see to it that the people are being served and treated well. This is the essence of People’s Day we from the government must always be of service to the people especially the less fortunate ones said the Governor in local dialect.

On CULMINATION DAY (July 4), the Governor along with 1st District Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza-Dimaporo and 2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo expressed their gratitude to the people of Lanao del Norte who have come and joined in with the celebration in spite of the security threats from the terrorist group. The Governor pushed through with the celebration of the 58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte for she is confident that no terrorist group or any insurgents will prosper with their plans in disturbing the peaceful province of Lanao del Norte, this is because of the unity of the Muslims and Christians and the genuine support expressed by the Municipal Mayors to Governor Angging in her efforts in securing the province.

Congressman Abdullah repeatedly appeals to his relatives, friends and fellow Maranao to support the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police in the fight against this local terrorist group. The 2nd District Congressman also said that this local terrorist group are just using the peaceful religion of Islam for their own interest. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is doing his best to bring the lives of the Mindanaon better and prosperous. We have to support the President for he is true to his words and the only administration that is down to earth said Congressman Bobby in one of his speeches in the province.

1st District Representative, Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza-Dimaporo said in his speech during the Agri-Aqua, Livestock & OTOP Fair, “I was happy that with the support of the Mayors, the Governor pushed through with the celebration of Araw ng Lanao del Norte because this is the time of the year where we show our pride that we are from Lanao del Norte, we show our pride that we progress better than our neighbours. This is where we show our difference why we will succeed where other provinces have failed. Terrorism will not thrive in Lanao del Norte because of the development we have here and the unity among the Muslims and Christians, We respect each other’s religion”.

The celebration of the 58th Araw ng Lanao del Norte was a huge success because of the unity of the people of the province. Muslims and Christians stand with one another in protecting Lanao del Norte from elements that brings only hatred and destruction. Terror groups will not flourish in Lanao del Norte for the people (Muslims and Christians) are living harmoniously with each other. The people of the province for years respected each others’ religion and culture that is one of the reasons why Lanao del Norte is continuously progressing.

The unity of the Christians and Muslims in the Province of Lanao del Norte is one of the essential legacies of the Quibranza-Dimaporo family which the people of the province deeply appreciate. PIO-LDN

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