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3rd PDC Meeting at MTC

3rd PDC Meeting at MTC

The Provincial Development Council chaired by Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo and Provincial Department Heads together with 2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo along with the Municipal Mayors and its representative assembled at Macapagal Training Center in Governor Arsenio A. Quibranza Provincial Government Center on June 16, 2017 to discuss the development progress and projects of the Province.

The Provincial Planning and Development Office presented the Annual Investment Program for 2018 headed by Engr. Anecita R. Lendio. The Proposed Utilization Program under the 20% Development Fund for the Calendar Year 2018 has been agreed by the members of the Council. The Economic Development Projects are: Concreting of Baroy-Princesa Provincial Road in Baroy; Concreting of Bagong Dawis-Raw-an Point Provincial Road in Baroy; Concreting of Purok 3-Pigcarangan Barangay Road in Tubod; Rehabilitation of Provincial Roads; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Program; Farm Mechanization Program; and Provincial Nursery Farm Development. For Social Development Projects: Rehabilitation/Expansion of Drug Rehabilitation Center; National Community – Driven Development Project (NCDDP) Counterpart; Construction of Kapatagan Provincial Hospital’ Warehouse; and Upgrading of Provincial Hospitals.

The Provincial Development Council Required Actions:

  • Passage of a Resolution adopting the 2018 Annual Investment Program (AIP)
  • Passage of a Resolution adopting the 20% Development Fund Utilization Program for CY 2018
  • A Resolution adopting and endorsing the Provincial Rice Road Map CY 2017-2022 of Lanao del Norte

Additionally 2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo suggested that a resolution must also be made by involving the Barangays in the Development Plans of the Provincial Government. The voice of the people through the Barangay Councils should be taken into considerations. A Resolution Consolidating the Development Plans of the Province which Board Member Tawantawan Cauntongan positively noted. The Barangay Development Plan be consolidated to the Municipal Development Plan and then consolidated to the Provincial Government through the Provincial Planning and Development Office.

The 2nd District Congressman persuades all Local Executive Officials of the Municipalities of Lanao del Norte to avail the Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs) for their respective Barangays. Republic Act 9178 or BMBEs Act of 2002 encourages the formation and growth of barangay micro business enterprises by granting them incentives and benefits.

A BMBE is defined as any business enterprise engaged in production, processing, or manufacturing of products, including agro-processing, as well as trading and services, with total assets of not more than P3 million. Such assets shall include those arising from loans but not the land on which the plant and equipment are located.

The Provincial Government and the two Congressional Districts of Lanao del Norte focused on the programs that will help alleviate the poverty situation of the residents. The Educational System in the Province needs to be improved according to Congressman Abdullah which Governor Imelda has agreed in the meeting.

Continuous trainings to enhance the skills and techniques and to further advance the knowledge of the Provincial teachers to produce quality students that area efficient and responsible as citizens of the Republic of the Philippines.

Public safety was also discussed not in terms of Peace and Order but the safety of the public in consuming street foods. Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Melania P. Untao immediately responded to the concern raised by 2nd District Congressman Dimaporo. The Provincial Health Office is constantly monitoring this type of businesses in coordination with the Health Officers of every Municipality. Dr. Untao also added that the Office is also requiring water samples from each Refilling Stations of Mineral Water around the Province. Municipal Government should first require the accomplishment of sanitary permits before giving building permits to applicants, pleas Dr. Untao.

The Provincial Agriculture Office was proud to present the steady increase of rice production of Lanao del Norte for 2016. Last year the rice production has increased by 2.78% metric tons. In 2015 the production yield per metric ton is 173,586 and has increased to 178,413 in 2016 that gives an increment of 4,826.85 metric ton.

The contribution of the Province of Lanao del Norte in the regional rice production is 25.10% which is more than a quarter of the total rice production of Region X. Letecia G. Ditucalan, head of the Provincial Agriculture Office swayed the Council to continue supporting the rice program. Ditucalan give emphasis on the challenges that needs to be confronted directly to sustain the rice production of the Province. The challenges are: Low Farm Productivity; Insufficient Infrastructure; Insufficient Pre and Post Harvest Facilities; Poor Market Linkages; Vulnerability to climate and disaster risks as well as the challenges of conversion of rice production areas to commercial, industrial and settlement areas and the challenge of the increase percentage of population growth rate. The goal of the PAO is “To Be Rice Self-Sufficient At All Times”.

The objectives of PAO is to Increased palay production in the province by 19% in 2022 or 178,413 MT in 2016 to 212,515 MT in 2022; Increased average yield of rice per hectare by at least 16% in 2022 or from 4.42 MT in 2016 to 5.11 MT in 2022; Increased and or sustained rice self sufficiency from 129.85% in 2016 to 138.37% in 2022; Improved Farmers Farm Productivity; and Ensure sustainability of the natural resource base.

The Provincial Agriculture Office of Lanao del Norte received the Achievers Award in the National Level Category held in Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Manila and the only recipient of this award for Region X which the Governor was very proud to witness the ceremony with Congressman Abdullah.

Provincial Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo also seized the opportunity before dismissing the caucus appealing to all Municipal Mayors of Lanao del Norte not to accept Maute and other extremist in their respective municipalities. Protect the Province from these radicals who only bring nothing but hatred and destructions. There is no place for them in Lanao del Norte. “We have worked hard for years to preserve the peace and order of our Province, you (Municipal Mayors) all knows this”. The progress that the people are seeing and enjoying right now is the fruit of the hard worked that we have planted years ago to make the Province of Lanao del Norte where it is now, said the Governor. Let us set aside politics and unite for the purpose of living peacefully in our beloved Province of Lanao del Norte where the Governor grew up, and urge all Mayors of the Province to support the activities for the Celebration of the 58th Araw ng Lanao to show the whole country that the Province of Lanao del Norte is a peaceful place where all religion is free to practice their own faith and celebrate their tradition and culture without fear and living harmoniously together (Muslims and Christians) for years by nurturing the essential values of respect and understanding for the good of “The Land of Beauty and Bounty”, Province of Lanao del Norte. PIO-LDN

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