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2nd District Congressman Dimaporo Appeals to His Relatives and Friends to Help President Duterte End Marawi Crisis

2nd District Congressman Dimaporo Appeals to His Relatives and Friends to Help President Duterte End Marawi Crisis.

27 days have passed since the terrorist group attacked the City of Marawi. The once peaceful and tranquil city had now become a battle ground where Maute/ISIS inspired extremist been hiding. The people of Marawi and surrounding municipalities of Lanao del Sur have been extremely affected by this incident. No one has ever thought that something like this will happen to this vibrant City.

2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo is emotional every time the current situation in Marawi comes into discussion. The Congressman grew up in this city when his father, the late Mohamad Ali Dimaporo was the Governor of the Province of Lanao del Sur. He is emotional for the fact that he has relatives living in the city that were displaced by the fighting between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the terrorist group who took siege of the city in the afternoon of May 23, 2017. The extremist concealed their real purpose by using the peace loving religion of Islam. Marawi is the only Islamic City in a Christian majority country.

In this current situation of Marawi, the 2nd District Congressman of Lanao del Norte appeals to his relatives and friends to help the government to put a stop on this crisis. The Administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is a down to earth government where its main purpose in running for the Presidency last May 2016 is to help alleviate the living conditions of the Filipino people especially in Mindanao where he is giving more priority for development projects. The President proudly claims in some of his public speeches that he is a Maranao and that he is extremely sad on the present situation of the people of Marawi.

What happen to the city right now is because of this terrorist group who were cuddled and tolerated by some members of their community. President Duterte said that all citizens must have a Sense of Social Responsibility, that if a member of a society knows or has reliable information that someone is planning something that is against the laws of God and the laws men in a civilized society, it is the social responsibility of that member to inform the authority in order to stop the evil plan before it could terrorize the people and the community.

The AFP and the PNP are having a hard time to neutralize this terrorist group for they are taking with them innocent civilians as hostages and using them as human shields. Some Mosques were being used by Maute/ISIS members as their holding ground and hide-out after firing at the militaries for they know the security forces of the government will not attack them when they are inside. President Duterte could end the fighting in Marawi in just few hours by dropping all the bombs of the Armed Forces but said “We are bound by the rules and we live in a society of civilized people and there is governance here”. The primary concern of President Duterte is the safety of all civilians who are trapped inside their houses and those who were taken as hostages by these radicals.

Relatives, friends and Mayors of all the Municipalities in the Provinces of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte were urged by Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo to help protect the people and the City of Marawi by supporting the efforts of President Duterte to put a stop to this fighting. Let us do our part by giving information to the AFP and PNP if suspicious men are present in our respective communities. Let us not allow these extremist ruin our peaceful lives and communities for their own senseless cause, said 2nd District Congressman Dimaporo in Maranao vernacular. PIO-LDN

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