TUBOD, Lanao del Norte – The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte, through the Provincial Health Office (PHO) has awarded 20 barangays in the Municipality of Pantao Ragat as Zero Open Defecation barangays Grand Municipal ZOD Awarding Ceremony held at the Municipal Civic Auditorium, East Poblacion, Monday, November 21, 2022.
Municipal Mayor Daud Nabil Lantud, graced the said awarding ceremony and lauded each of the barangays and the Municipal Health Office for their efforts in achieving ZOD.
The PHO, headed by Dr. Grace Joy Yañez, along with the ZOD Verification Team led by Engineer George Demavivas, has put so much effort into inspecting each barangay of Pantao Ragat as access to toilet facility is necessary and a basic requirement to achieve universal health. With this, The DOH aims to achieve 100% coverage by the year 2022.
Dr. Aiman Cairoden, the Municipal Health Officer of Pantao Ragat, said, “This event marks the official declaration of Pantao Ragat as ZOD Municipality, and is also the best moment to give recognition to all people behind the success of achieving Grade 1 Basic Sanitation.”
According to the World Health Organization’s and UNICEF’s Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene, approximately 6% of Filipinos, mostly in rural areas, do not have sanitary toilets as of 2015.
By achieving ZOD status, the community can not only improve the environment of the community, but can also end a number of illnesses such as diarrhea, parasitic worm infections, and Schistosomiasis. etc.
“This could break the chain of infection and break the vicious cycle, resulting in a healthier and more productive community,” Dr. Yañez said. PIO-LDN