MCC Gymnasium, Tubod – After a year of constantly providing service to the community, the Barangay Population Volunteers (BPV) from the different Municipalities in the province gathered on December 21, 2021, for their annual BPV Congress facilitated by the Provincial Population Office, led by Ms. Anannette B. Daniel.
“Through the initiative of Governor Dimaporo, we tried to make this congress possible this year to thank our BPVs for their volunteerism in strengthening the population programs in the province,” Ms. Daniel said.
The BPVs are barangay volunteers who implement the province’s population management and development programs in their respective communities. Despite the risk brought by the pandemic, they continue to provide access to quality family planning information and family planning methods by conducting hone visits in their respective localities.
This year, there are about 279 active BPOs in the province, and 250 of them were present during the activity. According to the data, there are 9,671 couples reached during the various Demand Generation Activities of the Philippine Commission on Population (POPCOM) from the 18 municipalities in the province. The home visit of the BPVs was of great help in the increasing number in which they reached 8,808 couples. The rest were from the Pre-Marriage Orientation (PMO) Sessions (316), Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning Classes (348), Kalalakihang Tumutugon sa Responsibilidad at Obligasyon sa Pamilya (KATROPA) Sessions (117), and Learning Package on Parent Education (LPPED) Classes (82). The Municipality of Tubod has the highest number of home visits with 1,437, followed by Baroy (1,148), Kapatagan (969), Maigo (969), and Lala (761).
Regional Director Neil Aldrin G. Omega of POPCOM – X extended his appreciation to the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte, especially to Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza Dimaporo.
“BPVs play a substantial role in the attainment of our national program in managing our population while empowering the wellbeing of our modern couple to achieve their desired family. That is why I am thankful for the proactive support of Governor Dimaporo,” Director Omega said.
In his message, Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo of the 2nd District emphasized the importance of family planning in uplifting each other’s lives. “As parents, we need to be more responsible with our decisions in life, to ensure the good and bright future of our children,” Cong. Dimaporo mentioned.
On behalf of Governor Dimaporo and Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza Dimaporo of the 1st District, Ms. Sittie Aminah Q. Dimaporo also extended her felicitations and gratitude to all BPVs in helping the province enliven the spirits of women and promoting responsible parenthood.
“Your work is never easy, especially during this pandemic, so we are so much grateful for your great help. Hoping that you’ve learned a lot with your experiences and may you continue to support PGLDN for its sustainable development “, Ms. Dimaporo added.
Aside from their T-shirts, PGLDN, through the initiative of Governor Dimaporo, also served complimentary snacks and meals, gave Pamaskong Regalo, and had raffle draws for the BPVs. Vice Governor Maria Cristina Atay was also present in the activity, and Board Member Lim provided additional rewards as prizes for the games and other activities.
With the active provision of Governor Dimaporo, the provincial government has been regularly conducting pieces of training to improve the capacities of BPVs and even other sectors in the province to promote family development and enable everyone to be aware of their potentials for their holistic development. PIO-LDN