October 16, 2021 – In cooperation with the Department of Health and the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte, under the leadership of Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza Dimaporo, the conduct of the vaccination program for Persons Deprive with Liberty (PDL) in our District Jail at Lower Sagadan, Tubod was successfully held. The team that led the venture was composed of various Doctors and key health workers from different Municipalities like Magsaysay, Lala, Tubod, and Baroy. The Provincial Health Office, led by Dr. Marujetta Opamen, together with Dr. Demetrio Opamen, was also present in the activity to give additional support and monitoring.
The newly installed District Jail Warden, J/SINSP Carlo F. Obrique said there are about 345 PDLs that were detained in their District, and over 300 of them avail the Sinovac and/or Pfizer vaccines.
As the mother of our province, Governor Angging sees the need to actively support the national government in its campaign to achieve herd immunity for the safety and security of everyone, including those in prisons.
“As of now, we have zero COVID 19 cases here in our vicinity. But having been vaccinated is a great help for all of us to keep us safe and to mitigate the spread of the virus”, J/SINSP Obrique said.
The new District Jail Warden also extends his gratitude to the PGLDN and DOH for their ingenuity, initiatives, and constant support to their District. In turn, he mentioned that they would continue to organize significant strategies, strictly follow standard health protocols and implement various health and wellness activities for the fulfillment of the institution’s mission and vision. PIO-LDN