September 24, 2021. On behalf of Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza-Dimaporo, the PGLDN Provincial Administrator Ms. Sittie Aminah Q. Dimaporo personally led the Turnover and Acceptance Ceremony of Farmers Training Dormitory and other Infra Projects at the Provincial Nursery Seed Farm, Poblacion, Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte.
The said project is under the 2018 PGLDN 20% Development Fund and 2016 Rice Achievers Cash Award with a total cost of 7,115,370.49.
The 2-story dormitory encompasses 40 beds with complete amenities such as comfort rooms, a function hall, and a living area for the occupants to use.
Ms. Sittie Aminah said in her inspirational message that this Training Dormitory could be a great help for the farmers to have a conducive space during training para while learning further knowledge in cultivating our land. They can comfortably have a good stay.
“Training center like this is very crucial and timely for through this; they can learn addition strategic ways how to invest and harvest to increase their income for their family. The project is not only for one municipality but for the benefit of the entire province”. Ms. Sittie Aminah added.
The turnover was made possible also through the efforts of the Provincial Agriculture Office spearheaded by Ms. Letecia G. Ditucalan, our Provincial Agriculturist.
As to Ma’am Ditucalan,” We are much grateful for the active support of Governor Angging together with the Department of Agriculture –X, through them we managed to finish and build this purposeful project.”
The ceremony became more significant because of several key officials of PGLDN, including Vice Governor Ma. Cristina Atay, SP Member Reinarion Bihag, the Committee Chairman on Agriculture, and Mr. Audy Maagad, the Regulatory Division Chief of DA – Region X.
“Despite all the problems that we are all facing today, the Provincial Government through the leadership of Governor Angging are constantly trying to provide efficient service to everyone. Though the price for the rice (grains) is still low, we are still looking forward that through these innovations we can expand our circles for the benefit of every farmer,” Vice Gov. Atay said.
Not only the training dormitory was the subject of today’s event, but various projects were also turned over, such as the Perimeter Fence, Guard Post, Composting Shed Facility, PNSF Entrance Access Road, and Concrete Irrigated Canal, all from the 20% PGLDN Development Fund were also turned-over.
“Like all the infrastructures that we have in the Province, we always consider of its long-lasting benefit for the people, not for the next few months but we must be thinking what will benefit everyone for the next generation. We are in support of the National Government, with its Build, Build and Build program, the faster and the more we build, the more people that we could help”, Ms. Sittie Aminah added.
Governor Angging recognized the importance of giving supplementary projects and programs for agriculture, specifically for the benefit of the farmers. This intervention was made to ensure the fulfillment of our common goal, which is to uplift the lives of everyone while promoting efficient and equitable service to all constituents.
With this, through her initiative, Governor Angging made sure that various recovery programs will be prioritize and focus on for the next year to aid those that are greatly affected, such as the farmers, store owners, and all who lose their jobs of the pandemic.
It has been two years since the COVID 19 hit our country; the Provincial Government does everything to prevent the containment, stop the spread, and heal the people affected. PIO-LDN