In order to revive the significance of the clay pottery industry in the province, the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte- Provincial Resource Management Office, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), conducted a free Basic Skills training on clay body formulation for pots, bricks, and face tiles making at the Provincial Ceramics Center, Upper Sagadan, Baroy.
The training started last August 11, 2020, and ten (10) potential local potters participated, mostly from the Municipality of Baroy and Tubod.
This form of training activity was conceptualized to facilitate assistance on comprehensive selection and formulation of clay soil for pottery/ceramics production, which will advance the knowledge and skills of the newly developed local potters and supply them with the necessary tools in pot and brick making.
Mr. John Fernan, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist of the DTI, was present in the workshop to turnover the new materials: two (2) units of Manual Potter’s Wheel, 1 Sack Plaster of Paris, and 2 Semi-manual Brick Making Machine; and to observe the progress of the training.
Former Provincial Ceramic Center employee, Mr. Virgilio D. Caracot, was also present as their resource person and trainer during the workshop. He showcased his exceptional skills as a potter and guided the participants, especially in soil processing and formulation, to produce high-quality ceramic products.
“We will be looking into possible sites where we can get good quality soil in areas where clay soil is believed to be abundant. Soon, we will conduct site validations to identify good clay material sources to undergo clay body preparation and formulation so that our potters will be sure that they will be handling good quality clay soil for the production of durable pottery/ceramics products,” PRMC head, Ms. Jocelyn Lontayao said.
The participants showed their enthusiasm during the workshop and thanked the DTI and the PRMC for giving them a chance to learn and earn in pottery. This August 26- 27, 2021, the team will be conducting the final firing for their product/outcome, and some of the finished products will be available for sale at the Provincial Pasalubong Center.
Governor Angging hopes that through this platform, we can intensify the restoration of our culture and, at the same time, pave a way to help the citizens improve their lives amidst the pandemic. In the Province of Lanao del Norte, the town of Baroy is endowed with rich clay deposits and other raw materials used for pottery with excellent quality. PIO-LDN