The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte spearheaded by Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza Dimaporo together with Vice Governor Cristy Atay, formally graces the turn-over of the new Kapatagan Provincial Hospital Annex Isolation Unit located at the Old Kapatagan Provincial Hospital, Kapatagan Lanao del Norte.
The isolation unit is consists of complete amenities to serve the needs of asymptomatic, mild, and symptomatic confirmed patients of the province. It has a total of 22 rooms which were labeled according to the patient needs such as having separate rooms for Pedia and Delivery rooms and these were also categorized according to the gender of the patients. The facility has the capacity to cater to a total of 77 COVID-19 patients. Aside from the tables, chairs, fans, and comfortable beds, Governor Angging makes sure that each room has its Comfort rooms to make it more conducive for the patients. With the support of the two active Congressmen of this province, Congressman Mohammad Khalid Q. Dimaporo of the 1st District and Congressman Abdullah Dimakuta Dimaporo of the 2nd District, Norte through the initiative of dynamic leadership of Governor Angging, the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte was able to fund and make this project possible in order to provide transparent, effective and affordable medical services to all the people of the province.
As a development partner, Dr. Jovette Guinal of DOH-X lauded all the efforts and initiatives of the PGLDN in addressing the needs of the people amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Guinal earnestly extends her genuine appreciation to all the frontliners in the province to cope up with the surge of positive cases. Dr. Guinal also encourages everyone to submit for vaccination to attain herd immunity.
“It’s been 9 months since we open the COVID-19 molecular laboratory, the very first laboratory in the region that is solely funded by the LGU. And now another LGU owned facility is open to cater and respond to the increasing COVID cases in Lanao del Norte. With this, it is indeed true that the province is very lucky to have a mother-like leader who is very hands-on with such development like this”, Dr. Guinal said.
The isolation unit was also made possible through the active role of the PGLDN Provincial Administrator, Ms. Sittie Aminah Q. Dimaporo. With her being hands-on from tracking of the materials to the technical structure, the project was made successful and was completed on time so that it can be used immediately by the people especially in today’s time wherein there is an insurgency of COVID-19 cases in the province.
On the other hand, Governor Angging extended her appreciation to all the efforts of all Chief of Hospitals, doctors, nurses, and most importantly to the efficient management of the Provincial Administrator, for all their dedication, sacrifices, and hard work just to serve the people.
“It is not easy to face this adversity alone. Your dedication and support give mes the courage to continue to fight with our quest against this unseen enemy. I hope that with this new facility, you can also help me in giving quality, transparent and effective medical services to all the people of Lanao del Norte’, Governor Angging added.
The medical staff who were present in the ceremony showed great joy as Governor Angging genuinely shared the possible upgrading of salary grades of Nurses I & II upon the approval of the national government.
Governor Angging seriously encouraged everyone to participate in global immunization. The chief Executive deliberately said that these vaccines may not be the cure for COVID-19, but it is still important for it can give us additional prevention from the virus.
“Let us help and protect each other. Let us spread factual information and discourage making more confusion by sharing negativity and false info. And most importantly we should continue to strictly follow standard health protocols.” Governor Angging said.
Aside from the staff of Kapatagan Provincial Hospital, also present during the event were Vice Governor Cristy Atay, SP Committee on Health and Sanitation Board Member Harris Ali, PHO Head Dr. Marujetta Opamen, KPH Chief of Hospital Dr. Remedios Fernandez, Kolambugan Chief of Hospital Dr. Demetrio Opamen, the PGLDN Hospital Administrator Ms. Noreen Lim, Engr. Marrietta Borillo and Engr. Joseph Apat of the Provincial Engineering Office. PIO-LDN