March 25, 2021. Provincial Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza Dimaporo was very delighted about the arrival of a new premium class ultrasound known as the “Philips EPIQ Elite”. This high-end machine for ultrasound can only be found in Lanao Norte Provincial Hospital in Baroy.
According to Ms. Leane Baliadaud, the Clinical Application Specialist assigned to conduct pieces of training for the machine, this ultrasound equipment has salient features such as Elastography that could support both strain and shear wave imaging methods. It has also a 24” HD Max Display which could also convey a lifelike image display through its TrueVue Volume. It combines 3D and 4D imaging wherein it cannot be pixelated for it has 1.7 million pixels installed.
The installation of this ultrasound machine was led by DR. Ferdinand Bautista, the Radiology Department Head, last March 22, 2021. The EPIQ Elite machine is expected to bring ultimate solutions to elevate the diagnostic service offered by the LNPH to the people of Lanao del Norte and even to nearby clients.
The machine also has MicroFlow and nSIGHT imaging that create extraordinary images with excellent frame rates. In its navigation capability, this device includes the new mc7-2, X6-1 probe, C5-1, C9-2, eL18-4, L12-5, and other transducers applications.
This Philips EPIQ Elite ultrasound machine was acquired by the hospital in full package including renovations. This machine cannot only provide quality service to the clients but also help to sustain the development of the hospital for this machine can save hospital’s electricity for it only has a power consumption of <600 VA depending on system configuration.
“LNPH is the only hospital in the entire Lanao del Norte that has this advance ultrasound machine and we promise to take care of this new technology as it will help us serve the people better”, Dr. Bautista added.
There will be further training that will be conducted on April 12-16, 2021 for LNPH healthcare providers in order for them to be equipped with enough knowledge on how to use this new and advanced Philips EPIQ Elite ultrasound machine.
Along with the vision of Governor Angging, the Lanao Norte Provincial Hospital will also continuously do their best to provide efficient, transparent, and quality health care to all the people in Lanao del Norte especially that we are still in the middle of global immunization. PIO-LDN