The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte joined the launching of the S.A.G.O.P KALIKASAN PROJECT ON MARITIME AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND CONSERVATION founded by the INNER WHEEL CLUB of Lanao del Norte and spearheaded by Ms. Bulhing Montefalcon Dela Cruz as the Over-all Project Coordinator. The said event was held last March 7, 2021, at Pavilion Beach, Pikalawag, Sultan Naga Dimaporo.
Driven by the same interest which is to serve the people and the country, the remarkable event was attended by several key officials coming from the different sectors including the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Philippine Coast Guard, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP) and many more different Non-Government Organizations.
The S.A.G.O.P Kalikasan Project successfully encompassed four main activities namely the Mangroove Planting, Coastal Clean-Up, SCUBASURERO, and the laying of the Ceramic Clays as artificial coral reefs in the ocean.
The S.A.G.O.P which means “Sustainable Approaches Generating Opportunities to reduce Poverty”, aims to protect mother Earth through conducting purposeful activities and at the same time give assistance to the livelihood of the people. The installation of those ceramic clays will serve as the artificial reefs for the fishes and sea organisms, it is a new concept and first time initiated in the entire region. This was conceptualized and founded by the Technology Application and Promotion Unit of the Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology, headed by Professor Ephraim Ibarra.
During the program, Mr. Ede Sumili, a staff of the Technology Application and Promotion Unit of MSU-IIT and also a member of PCGA, extends his genuine appreciation to the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte and the LDN Inner Wheel Club for their unwavering support in their pilot coastal utilization program. In his succinct discussion, Mr. Sumili shared that through this program the mining wastes will be utilized and this will help those affiliated local pottery makers in the province. The embedded artificial coral reefs were still under observation and will be checked after three (3) months to assess their progress and efficacy.
Ms. Sittie Aminah Dimaporo, PGLDN Provincial Administrator personally thanked all who joined the activities especially the cooperation and assistance of the active SND Mayor, Hon. Motalib Dimaporo, for the accomplishment of the event. On behalf of Governor Angging, Ms. Sittie Aminah Dimaporo asked everyone to constantly continue the advocacy of protecting the environment and also emphasized the importance of empowering the locals for the sustainability of this project.
“It is not about something, with this it needs to be properly sustained by empowering the locals and encouraging more agencies for the attainment of this long-term development. This will not just help and protect the marine life but also further give opportunities through livelihood assistance to the people of the province.” Ms. Sittie Aminah added.
Moreover, Vice Governor Cristy N. Atay assured everyone, through the initiatives of the active Governor Angging, that the PGLDN will incessantly support all programs and activities by the LGU and other organizations especially for the protection of the environment and for the entire constituents.
In line with the Coast Guard Campaign for the protection of the marine environment and continuing advocacy to prevent climate change in the country, Captain Dexter Torres assured the locals and the key officials of the PCG’s sincere commitment to reach the development goal for the province and will strive harder to put Coast Guard substation in the area for added security and protection.
In line with the celebration of Women’s Month, the activity also served as a good venue for the LDN Inner Wheel Club to turn over the Mangroove Nursery to the Bangaan Women’s Association. The PGLDN also donated seedlings for the mangroves to be planted.
Present also during the activity were Hon. Motalib M. Dimaporo, the Municipal Mayor of SND, Mr. Noel John Saldejano of BFAR, Captain Dexter Torres PCG Deputy District Commander, Col. Irineo Sebastian Commander of 55th Engineering Brigade, Mr. Roseller Fiel II of JCI Panguil Bay, Ms. Ava Magnolia Yancha of Mindanao coordinator AHAN (AIKIDO), Mr. Laureano Dela Cruz of LANAPA Inc. and all the members of the Bangaan Women’s Association.
The scope of environment protection and promotion is not only limited to the shore but it also reaches out to the marine life for this also has a vital role in the sustainability of life in the land, with that the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte proactively supports every program to uphold the wellbeing of the people and to preserve the sole beauty of Lanao del Norte, as the ‘Land of Beauty and Bounty’. PIO-LDN