The continued harmonization of efforts in attaining socio-economic development and peace is the core reason why the Provincial Government ensure good communication among local leaders and security sector officials. Thus, the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte headed by Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo, conducted the 1st Quarter Joint Provincial Peace and Order, Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council Meeting held recently at the Multi-Purpose building, Capitol Grounds, Pigcarangan, Tubod town. The said meeting was also initiated in congruence with the “Month of Peace”.
The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) – Lanao del Norte spearheaded by Provincial Director Bruce Colao and the Chairperson of the two Councils, Governor Angging presided the conference with enthusiasm and delightfulness for having almost complete numbers of Municipal Mayors who are present at the venue.
Governor Angging encourages all the Local Chief Executives to constantly support all the programs of the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte with the help of the two Congressional Representatives, Congressman Mohamad Khalid Dimaporo of the 1st District and Congressman Abdullah ‘Bobby’ Dimakuta Dimaporo of the 2nd District.
Governor Angging emphasized the main objective of the gathering which is to strengthen further the system and procedures concerning peace especially pertaining to some audible news about the presence of ISIS-inspired groups in some areas in Lanao del Norte and to be more knowledgeable of the updates regarding the anti-drug campaign within the province.
The meeting was also attended by Abdullah Macapaar (Commander Bravo) who presented their intention for the extension of BARMM-BTA until 2025. Majority the council members backed the Proposed Resolution Expressing Support to House Bill No. 8222 “An act amending Section 13 Article XVI of RA 11054, The Organic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, to extend the transition period to ensure the successful implementation of the annex on normalization under the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB), allowing the first regular election for the Bangsamoro Parliament to be synchronized with the 2028 National elections.
During the said event, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Region 10 officials confirmed that the province has the highest drug-cleared barangays in the entire region and now working on establishing more Balay Silangan to help the drug dependents on the recovery stage of their lives.
Governor Angging appreciated all the efforts of PDEA and the actions of each mayor regarding the drug campaign, however, she challenged everyone to still be more proactive and continue the quest in determining and catching those illegal drug leaders operating in the province. The joint meeting also approved the two (2) RPOC Resolution s. 2020 (1) No. “Endorsing to the PPOC the Approval of the radio communication plan (linked VHF system) of PNP PRO-X and (2) No.4 the establishment of Balay Silangan Reformation Center and its clustering mechanism to strengthen the implementation of Barangay Drug Clearing Program.
Col. Rey B. Alemania, the Brigade Commander of the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Batallion, presented the updates and additional information of the Daesh/DI-MG Threat in Lanao del Norte. Brigade Commander Alemania also gives assurance to all key officials that the AFP will continue to do their best in imposing methods and actions necessary to address this concern.
Accordingly, PNP Provincial Director PCol. Isais A. Bacurnay also gave his update on Peace and Order wherein it consists of several operation accomplishments of the PNP. The Provincial Police Office attributed the decrease in criminality rate within the province as they constantly reinforce their efforts in executing their anti-criminality action plans amid this pandemic. One of the data they presented is in relation to their campaign against illegal logging in which they filed a case to their arrested 2 illegal operators for the period of January – December 2020. In view of that, Governor Angging sincerely asks to intensify their campaign against illegal logging to protect our environment and the people.
“The disasters that pass and the challenges that we had just like this pandemic is somewhat a warning to all of us. We should all be more responsible with ourselves and with mother earth. We should directly file a case to those verified illegal loggers to teach them a lesson. This is not just for us but also the future of our grandchildren for the next generation.” Governor Angging added.
During the meeting, the updates on the Peace and Governance Conversations as a PCVE Initiative to the Peace Process between GRP and the MILF were also discussed by Director Colao. Consequently, the council approved two motions regarding the Extension of the Peace, Development, and Governance Conversations in Taguluan, Munai, and Nunungan; and to integrate the MILF’s Camp transformation plan towards a conflict-sensitive Barangay Development.
The father of peace, Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo in his solidarity message, reminded everyone of the importance of being united amid the challenges that we are all facing. “With unity, we can achieve long-lasting peace in our place. We should work altogether and understand each other. Our unity is the future of our province and the future of our children”, Congressman Abdullah said. Aside from the Municipal Mayors, present also in the conference were the 22 Chief of Police from different Municipalities along with Vice Governor Cristy Atay and other representatives from different organizations and government agencies.
As we celebrate the month of March as the “Month of Peace”, Governor expressed her desire and request to everyone to fully accomplish all the reforms, programs, and projects intended to maintain a safe, secured, and peaceful province. The first joint meeting for 2021 ended peacefully. PIO-LDN