The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Panguil Bay Officials led by its President Mr. Roseller S. Fiel, paid a courtesy visit to Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza Dimaporo and discussed matters congruent to fostering various community related activities in the different communities of the province. They met the Provincial Executive at Governor Arsenio A. Quibranza Provincial Government Center, Pigcarangan, Tubod town.
Governor Angging warmly welcomed the JCI Panguil Bay Officials as they presented some of their flagship programs for the province of Lanao del Norte. Present also in the meeting were JCI Regional Director for Skills and Development, Mr. Ijae Marion Ong and JCI Mark Carrillo, the Local Tourism Officer of Nunungan. As they join Governor Angging in her mission in providing equitable service to the people of this province, the JCI Panguil Bay officials asked the support of the active Governor to successfully implement their upcoming events and projects. Through the help of the Provincial Government, the officials deliberated four (4) main points that they sought to accomplish within this year.
Upgrading the tourism of Lanao del Norte was the first subject raised by the officials wherein they wanted to uphold some aquatic spots in the province. Secondly, the officials will extend assistance to the DayCare Workers to help them generate their own food for their Monthly Feeding Program and they also aim to encourage children towards eating vegetables. Third in line is with regards to widening the scope of HIV awareness and testing in the province to address the increasing cases of it.
Lastly, the group genuinely hopes for the support of Governor Angging in launching their own website in which they can upload their reports and accomplishments for the information of everyone. Governor Angging was very delighted to hear the sentiments and future actions of the JCI Panguil Bay.
Furthermore, the dynamic Governor assures the officials of her constant support to deliver humanitarian service to all the people of Lanao del Norte. “For us to develop we really should work altogether as one. JCI creed must be united. If there is unity we can easily achieve our goals for this province. And we should always remember that service to humanity is the best work of life”, said the Governor.
The JCI Panguil Bay officials were so grateful for the rousing welcome of Governor Angging. Hence, the group gave Governor Angging a token of appreciation for all her efforts especially in establishing a good relationship within the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Lanao del Norte Chapter. PIO-LDN