In pursuing their mission towards sustainable fisheries development, the Provincial Fisheries Officer Noel M. Saldajeno personally visits Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza Dimaporo at the Governor’s Office, Governor Arsenio A. Quibranza Provincial Government Center, Pigcarangan, Tubod to give updates and other information concerning the rationalization of our provincial resources.
Together with his team, Mr. Saldajeno deliberately discussed several rationales about their future programs such as having a Provincial Committee Food Bank in Lanao del Norte. This Food bank program aims to collect, store and distributes food for hunger-reliefs especially during crisis and calamities. Furthermore, the BFAR officials were also pleased to present the progress and success of their SPECIAL AREA FOR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT (SAAD) PROGRAM.
Throughout this 3 year program that started last 2019 with the support of Governor Angging, they are able to give efficient agricultural interventions to some identified beneficiaries wherein they learn the value of having Aqua cultural spot, enjoying the harvesting process and generating income through it. In an effort to improve the lives of the fisher folks, the BFAR officials also shared to Governor Angging their plans of putting up barsh parks through the BALIK SIGLA SA ILOG LAWA (BASIL) PROGRAM. The main purpose of the BASIL program is to regain the quality and cleanliness of our environment particularly our water resources just like before.
Likewise, Governor Angging wanted to encourage the people through the BFAR to take care and protect the natural resources that we have for it is a must especially that we are still regaining our loss due to COVID 19. The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte thru Governor Angging and the BFAR has still a lot of projects to establish for the rectification and advancement of the aquatic resources to have a sustainable aquatic management. Hence, Mr. Saldajeno extends his sincere gratitude to Governor Anggging for her incessant support of improving the quality of life of the fisherfolks of Lanao del Norte. PIO-LDN