Lanao del Norte Provincial Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza-Dimaporo on Thursday, September 19, 2019, leads the turnover of a dog pound facility to the Local Government Unit of Tubod, headed by Municipal Mayor, Honorable Leoncio C. Bagol in a ceremony held at the site located in Barangay Tubaran.
Governor Angging said the facility will help control, prevent spread and eventually eradicate Rabies in the municipality. “The increasing number of stray dogs found in the streets poses a great risk to the residents, especially to the children. This is why we give importance to this kind of facilities for the protection and safety of our people, and step-up our information education campaign, particularly the responsibilities of pet owners and the deadly effect of Rabies to humans.”
In response, the Municipal Mayor expressed his gratitude to the Provincial Chief Executive for providing the LGU a facility that would accommodate the captured dogs. One way to minimize the spread of Rabies in the communities.
The Municipal Government of Tubod together with the Barangay Council of Tubaran will facilitate in providing water system to the area for cleaning and supply drinking water for the dogs.
Mayor Bagol promised to Governor Angging that the Municipal Government will take care of the facility and utilize it properly to serve its purpose, and to assign trained personnel to manage the day-to-day operation.
According to Dr. Fritzie P. Provido, Acting Provincial Veterinarian, to ensure adherence to the Animal Welfare Act of 1998, the design of the pound was consulted to and approved by the Bureau of Animal Industry and added that through this project two (2) Republic Acts were addressed namely; RA 9482, or Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, and the Animal Welfare Act 1998 or RA 8485 as amended by RA 10631.
Rabies continues to be a health problem in the country which is transmitted mainly through the bite of an infected animal that usually carried by stray and unvaccinated dogs, or through contamination with virus-laden saliva on breaks in the skin and of mucous membranes such as the eyes, the lips, the mouth, or the genital organs.
Section 5 of RA 9482 clearly states the Responsibilities of Pet Owners- All Pet Owners shall be required to: (a) Have their Dog regularly vaccinated against Rabies and maintain a registration card which shall contain all vaccinations conducted on their Dog, for accurate record purposes. (b) Submit their Dogs for mandatory registration. (c) Maintain control over their Dog and not allow it to roam the streets or any Public Place without a leash. (d) Be a responsible Owner by providing their Dog with proper grooming, adequate food, and clean shelter. (e) Within twenty-four (24) hours, report immediately any Dog biting incident to the Concerned Officials for investigation or for any appropriate action and place such Dog under observation by a government or private veterinarian. (f) Assist the Dog bite victim immediately and shoulder the medical expenses incurred and other incidental expenses relative to the victim’s injuries.
The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte is stepping up its effort to help attain the country’s vision of Rabies Free Philippines. PIO-LDN