Provincial Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza-Dimaporo on Sunday, August 18, 2019, personally went to the Municipality of Magsaysay to witness the on-going Floral Highway & Vegetable Competition. The activity is in partnership between the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte through the PGO-Tourism Operations Division and the Municipality of Magsaysay.

Magsaysay has been chosen by the Provincial Government as the pilot municipality for farm tourism as well as organic farming.

In October 2018, the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte launched the Provincial Coco Farm Tourism Camp and its More Fun in LaNorte Farm’s Program. The program aims to promote farm tourism in the locality, particularly in the Municipality of Magsaysay.

Governor Angging has seen the potential of the Municipality of Magsaysay as farm tourism center of the province.

With this, the Provincial Chief Executive through Ms. Alerma Yorong, Head of Tourism Operations Division and Ms. Bulhing dela Cruz, farm tourism consultant, initiated activities and projects that promotes development not only to the site but also to the entire community.

“It is about time for the Municipality of Magsaysay to be known as a peaceful town, where Muslims and Christians are living harmoniously together. This is not only because of the leadership of the Omar’s but also the support of the Sangguniang Bayan and the 24 Barangays. And the right time to showcase the beauty of Magsaysay and be named as farm tourism center, and also a perfect place to start the sustainable agriculture program on organic farming. The provincial government is always ready to provide all the assistance needed by the municipality”

Governor Angging at the venue also announced that the Provincial Government in making true to its promise to the people of Magsaysay, especially to farm growers, will construct a 50 meters X 20 meters Multipurpose building that will serve as trade center, reception area, a souvenir shop and a place where farmers can rest.

Mayor Haron D. Omar, Sr. of Magsaysay happily expressed his gratitude to Governor Angging for pursuing in making his municipality one of the tourist destinations in the province. “I am thankful to Governor Angging for her commitment to make the Municipality of Magsaysay a farm tourism center, and I will never forget this day, because it happens during my birthday.” PIO-LDN