1st District Representative of the Province of Lanao del Norte, Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza Dimaporo is seeking answers why residents in Most Affected Areas (MAA) of Marawi City are prevented from entering where their homes are located.

Congressman Khalid, a strong supporter of President Duterte, would like to know straight from the Chairman of Task Force Bangon Marawi, Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario, the “Legal Justification” that would support the reasons in prohibiting local residents entering the MAA during an Inter-Agency Meeting in Metro Manila.

“It is really just an understanding or maybe a misbelief or something like that, one of the reasons why the people cannot go home to the MAA, I think the 24 barangays is because of Martial Law. So, I would like to ask Secretary Del Rosario what is the standpoint of the National Government, yes of course, we want to defend the President and his actions, that they (Military) are not allowing residents from Marawi to go back to the Most Affected Areas, and it is very difficult to swallow and to believe that after more than one (1) year, you are still searching for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).”

According to Secretary Del Rosario, they are not preventing the residents to get into the area due to Martial Law. “Definitely it is not tied to Martial Law. We are not allowing them for safety considerations, because there are still explosives and it is not habitable. There is no water, no power, no buildings and houses to speak of. It is all destroyed.”

The young lawmaker courteously cut short the explanation of Secretary Del Rosario and continues to ask for the specific answer that is based with legality. “They (people) are trying to go home, the military will stop them, and they ask why, the military will just tell them because there are orders. And in the common people’s minds, we are not allowed to go back because of Martial Law.”

Congressman Khalid doesn’t want people to think that the government is abusing Martial Law and preventing local residents from going to their own homes. There should be legal basis behind that would strengthen the actions of the National Government.

Secretary Del Rosario defended its stand based on the National Building Code. “You cannot live or stay in any building if there is safety consideration or there is hazard. I think it is inherent on the part of the State to impose that sanction.

The 1st District Congressman of Lanao del Norte is not totally convinced just because of the National Building Code the Armed Forces of the Philippines or the military is preventing local residents entering the MAAs. PIO-LDN