The Motocross Competition has once again stunned the throng as the racers displayed their nerve racking and mind blowing act on the ground and in the air in the 1st Leg of the Mindanao Wide Motocross Series at the 59th Araw ng Lanao del Norte celebration on July 1, 2018.


Hundreds of racers from Iloilo, Cebu, Tawi-Tawi, Zamboanga, Ipil, Pagadian, Dipolog, Ozamis, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Maguindanao, Cotabato, General Santos, Jose Abad Santos-Davao Occidental, Davao, Digos, Tagum, Bukidnon, Dumaguete, Palawan and Manila have come to compete for the 1st Leg of the 7th Leg Series. The Province of Lanao del Norte was represented by Tri-SND (Sultan Naga Dimaporo) Motocross Racing Team.


The Mindanao Civic Center Sports Complex race track in the Province of Lanao del Norte was carefully engineered to bring out the best skills and talents of the racers by replicating the contour and lay-out of some of the best dirt tracks of the American Motorcyclist Association which made the MCC race track one of the best and challenging in the country and lived up to its name as the “Motocross Capital of the Philippines.”


Speed, precision and nerve of steel of the riders make the sport extreme. Jumping the same bumps, navigating the steep curves while racing side by side with your competitor at full throttle separates the boys from the men, and elevates the extreme activity to an extreme sport.


BRC Events Promotions in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte made this event successful. Provincial Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza-Dimaporo thanked the participants for joining the race and looking forward to see them again in the final leg this coming December. Governor Angging strongly supports the occurrence of Motocross Competition every celebration of Araw ng Lanao del Norte.


Governor Angging personally expressed her sincere appreciation to the major sponsors who worked closely with the provincial government and BRC Events Promotions-Elim Petron and Nature’s Spring. Mr. Tito Maghanoy, Manager of Elim Petron together with the Governor presented the plaques to the winners of the race, 2nd District Representative, Congressman Abdullah ‘Bobby’ Dimakuta Dimaporo was also present in the awards presentation.


BRC Events Promotions have organized a 7th Leg Mindanao Wide Motocross Series across the island beginning July 1 for the 1st Leg, 2nd Leg will be on the next day, July 2 in Sumilao, Bukidnon, 3rd Leg will be in Bantuhan, Lantapan, Bukidnon, 4th Leg is scheduled on August 12 in Cabanglasan, Bukidnon, 5th Leg will be in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, the 6th Leg is on October 12 in Digos City, while the 7th and Final Leg of the Series will return in Tubod, Province of Lanao del Norte on December 8 & 9, 2018. PIO-LDN


Winners of the Race by Category:

Supercross (Flat track)-June 30

Underbone Stock:                Intermediate:                         85 CC:

1st : Vhon Cavan                  1st: Gelu Leonardo               1st: Charlie Pascua

2nd: Jungle Cabuco             2nd: Ralph Bayhon               2nd: Makung Demata

3rd: Vladdy Bagaina             3rd: Kimboy Pineda              3rd: Necson Toribid

4th: Ron Valledor                  4th: Abing Dablo                   4th: Botchocoy Planas

5th: AG Sacayan                   5th: Jesse Pineda                 5th: Neil Tariktikan


Power Enduro:                     Underbone Open:                Veterans Open:

1st:  John Almirino                1st: Vhon Cavan                   1st: Tristan Galanto

2nd: Ken Cabrisos                2nd: Philip Devillo                 2nd: Don Don Capilitan

3rd: Catty Agbo                      3rd: Jungle Cabuco              3rd: Paul Janolino

4th: Ramboy Cal                   4th: Jundell Cortez               4th: Paul Marapao

5th: Salmer Longgakit          5th: Ron Valledor                  5th: Joervel Recare


Beginners:                            65 CC:                                    50 CC:

1st: KR Mino                          1st: Botchocoy Planas         1st: Anthony Cortez

2nd: Stanley Nuñeza                        2nd: G-Boy Carlos                 2nd: Pao Pao Marapao

3rd: Ivan Corpuz                    3rd: Niño Basco                     3rd: Red Flores

4th: Tots Lumapas                4th: Dave Emas                     4th: Nur Gayao

5th: Doy Doy Pepito              5th: Baby Charlie Ibrahim    5th: Abdullah Plang


Novice Open:                        Ladies:                                   Executive:                   Expert:

1st: JV Lim                              1st: Lyka Pepito                     1st: Michael Rivera     1st: Ralph Bayhon

2nd: Pepeng Mar                   2nd: Suzzie Magarang         2nd: Cadong Orais      2nd: Gelou Leonardo

3rd: Stanley Nuñez               3rd: Baby Dimaporo              3rd: Popet Frias           3rd: Kimboy Pineda

4th: Jerard Catalan               4th: Mariel Villafuerte           4th: Marlon Escala      4th: Bornok Mangosong

5th: Ken Cabrisos                 5th: Stefanie Marapao          5th: Rudy Nadela        5th: Abing Dablo


Motocross: July 1

Intermediate:                         85 CC:                                    Beginners:

1st: Mitch Rivera                   1st: Nunung Demata                        1st: Stanley Nuñeza

2nd: Niño Manacap              2nd: Gerson Toribio              2nd: Carl Rivera

3rd: Ray Ray Bait-it               3rd: Prince Bellera                3rd: Charlie Dave Diano

4th: Abu Mata                        4th: Charlie Pascua              4th: KR Mino

5th: Bing Bing Dablo                        5th: Botchocoy Planas         5th: Lester Padilla


Expert:                                    Enduro:                                  50 CC:

1st: Bornok Mangosong      1st: John Almirino                 1st: Anthony Cortez

2nd: Ralph Bayhon               2nd: Salmer Longgakit         2nd: Ken Flores

3rd: Mitch Rivera                   3rd: Jerard Catalan               3rd: Red Flores

4th: Kimboy Pineda              4th: Ken Cabrisos                 4th: Abdullah Plang

5th: Jerrick Mitra                    5th: Catty Agbo                      5th: Yarra Tahil


Veterans:                               Ladies:                                   Executive: 40 Up

1st: Hardolino                                    1st: Lyka Pepito                     1st: Michael Rivera

2nd: Tristan Galanto             2nd: Mariel Villafuerte          2nd:

3rd: Bayawa                           3rd: Suzzie Magarang          3rd: Cadong Orais

4th: Don Don Capilitan        4th: Baby Dimaporo             4th:

5th: Tinoy Olmoguez                5th: Lara                                5th: Lauron


65 CC:                                    Novice:                                   Underbone Open:

1st: Planas                             1st: Niño Manacap               1st: Valledor

2nd:                                          2nd: Stanley Nuñeza                        2nd: Bagaina

3rd: Cortez                              3rd: Bing Bing Dablo                        3rd: Cortez

4th: Bellera                             4th: Abu Mata                        4th: Sagrado

5th: Flores                              5th: Jerven Lagrada              5th: Sagrado


50 Up:                                    Pro-Open:

1st: Frias                                 1st: Bornok Mangosong

2nd: Nadela                            2nd: Bayani

3rd: Dasas                              3rd: Kimboy Pineda

4th: Canoy                              4th: Jerrick Mitra